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More From Family Picture Day

My niece has uploaded more of the photos we had taken on family picture day. All total, they took more than 570. That’s a lot to upload, so here’s three of my favorite.

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Congressman Weiner, Well, He Is

That is, a bit of a perv.  And after lying (!) about it and equivocating he comes clean and confesses that he put himself on parade.  Disgusting git – yet another in a long line of politicians who can’t tell the truth or act decently.

“My wife has known about some of these online relationships since before we were married. But she did not know until this morning that I had not been truthful about the twitter posting last week.”  He says he and his wife are staying together.


Weiner said that over the past several years he has engaged in inappropriate conversations online and over the phone with about six women. “I have never met any of these women or had physical relations with them at any time.”

Adultery of the mind is adultery all the same.  ‘Whoever looks at a woman and lusts after her in his heart has already committed adultery’.


Photos of the Dead

News outlets are apparently debating whether or not to publish photos of the dead bin Laden.  Personally, I don’t care to see them and I don’t want to see them.  I’ve seen my share of dead people.  And I’ve also seen my fair share of dying people.  Death is a regular intruder into the daily routine when one does the particular job I do.

It’s not that I fear seeing a photo of bin Laden.  As I said, I’ve seen plenty of death and some of it gruesome.  I just don’t need to see it.

But- I think the photo should be published- for several reasons.

First, some won’t believe he’s dead until they see him dead.  So to cut off the conspiracy theorists and aluminum foil helmet wearing lot, it needs to be published.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, the photo needs to be published so that people will get a sense of the high price of terrorism.  Potential terrorists may well see a photo of a dead bin Laden and at least momentarily consider their course.  If #1 can be gotten to, so can Mr. Insignificant.

And third, most importantly, the photo should be published so that all those unfamiliar with the face of death can see it in living color (no pun intended).  Death is real.  And it’s ugly.  And it never looks like anything the movies portray it to be.  It’s never glamorous or exciting or the like.  It’s gross and unpleasant.  Bowels and bladders empty and eyes glaze over and the effect of seeing it all is unforgettable and makes an important and lasting impression.

Before the funeral home gets hold of the body and pretty’s it up- the face of death is visible in the eyes of every deceased person.  And everyone should have to see it several times in their life so that they value life more and become less interested in killing.

So, Washington Post and all the rest, show the photos when you can.  Splash them everywhere, and let the whole world be rightly horrified.  Maybe, just maybe, people will be a little less interested in their guns then.