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The Egyptian Army is Standing With Mubarak

Hopes that the Army would side with the protesters were misplaced.  NPR reports

Egypt’s military threw its weight Friday behind President Hosni Mubarak’s plan to stay in office through September elections while protesters fanned out to the presidential palace in Cairo and other key symbols of the authoritarian regime in a new push to force the leader to step down immediately.  The statement came several hours after Mubarak refused to step down or leave Egypt and instead handed most of his powers to his vice president Omar Suleiman, enraging protesters who pleaded for the military to take action to push him out.

If violence breaks out, the Army will of necessity have to step in.  And that could result in a lot of bloodshed.

Mubarak is a smart man- he’s biding his time, calling in his numerous resources, and will leave office when he wants, not when anyone else does.  And he has the backing of the army.  The protesters may as well go back to their lives or outright rebel.  The present tactic of protesting isn’t working, and won’t.  If there isn’t a full fledged armed uprising by the population at large, nothing will change.  And if there is, many will die.  I suppose the Egyptians have to decide whether real liberty is worth death.  A dicey question.

Today in Egypt

Egyptian Intelligence Director Omar Suleiman a...

Egypt's VP

Things are actually improving.  Banks are open.  Life is returning to some normalcy.  And most importantly, the various parties are talking and not throwing rocks or bullets.

Egypt’s vice president met a wide representation of major opposition groups for the first time Sunday and agreed to allow freedom of the press, to release those detained since anti-government protests began nearly two weeks and ago and to lift the country’s hated emergency laws when security permits.  Vice President Omar Suleiman endorsed a plan with the opposition to set up a committee of judiciary and political figures to study proposed constitutional amendments that would allow more candidates to run for president and impose term limits on the presidency, the state news agency reported. The committee was given until the first week of March to finish the tasks.  The regime also pledged not to harass those participating in the anti-government protests, which have drawn hundreds of thousands at the biggest rallies. The government also agreed not to hamper freedom of press and not to interfere with text messaging and Internet.

So good for the Egyptians.