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Poor Bob, He’s a ‘Hurt Puppy’…. The Ongoing Quest for Sympathy of R. Golb

The New York Times reports in a long article things I here below simply excerpt-

In 2006 and 2007, when several American museums announced exhibits of the scrolls, Raphael Golb was incensed that his father’s theory had not been acknowledged in the shows. “They teach scorn for my father,” Mr. Golb said, accusing rival academics of “indoctrinating students in a culture of hatred.”  “This is a system where they suppress people by excluding them,” he added.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it.  Perhaps R.G. is a fan of Monty Python and memorized the line “‘Help, I’b being repressed… now we see the violence inherent in the system…’

One of Mr. Golb’s targets was a graduate student named Robert R. Cargill, who created a virtual tour of Qumran for the San Diego museum.  Norman Golb posted an article on the Web site of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago complaining that the film’s script ignored his theory.   Raphael Golb went further, sending pseudonymous e-mails to Mr. Cargill’s professors at U.C.L.A.  “I said this person should be compelled to answer the published criticisms of his work at his Ph.D. defense,” Raphael Golb said. Some of the e-mail messages suggested that Mr. Cargill, who describes himself as agnostic, was a fundamentalist Christian and an anti-Semite.


Ronald Kuby, a lawyer for Raphael Golb, last week disputed Mr. Cargill’s characterization of himself as an innocent victim, writing in an e-mail message that “he played a vile role in this case. Among other things, Cargill spend hundreds of hours obsessively tracking down ‘Charles Gadda’ because of the latter’s online criticisms, engaged in his own sock puppetry while concealing it and condemning Golb for the same thing.” Mr. Kuby added, “Cargill is probably a lot of fun to chat with, but he is more than capable of using his hurt puppy persona to manipulate the criminal justice system.”   Mr. Golb put it this way: “Cargill was stalking me.”

R.G. probably just wishes Cargill were stalking him.  Maybe he has a man crush on Bob and that’s really what this is all about.  Or puppy love.  Maybe he’s like the 5th grader who wants the boy’s attention so much she runs up to him on the playground and punches him.  Who knows what the pathology driving Golb is.  Maybe dad didn’t pay him enough attention while he was a kid.  It’s patently clear, though, that he has something going on.

With his felony conviction, Mr. Golb was disbarred; the trial also consumed most of his mother’s savings, he said. The prospect of prison shook him from his bravado.  “My real concern is if I’ll be able to handle it physically,” he said. “I don’t have a good back. I was once rushed to the hospital with neck spasms. Being in a confined environment, I don’t know how I’ll react to that. It’s possible I’ll go insane. It’s possible that I’ll be fine and just read my books and do some writing.”

And so- what he really wants- is sympathy.  Sorry- that boat has sailed.

Raphael Golb Takes His Case to the Public

Why?  Who knows.  It certainly won’t help his appeal (since he’s laid all his cards on the table).  Instead it seems aimed at garnering sympathy.  But again, from whom?

It’s a mind numbing and rambling treatise which shows, it seems quite clearly, that the lad may need professional help.  In it, he blames basically everyone but himself for his conviction.  But that simply shows that he remains unwilling to take responsibility for his actions.  And his concluding paragraph is really just sad-

Will this alarming legal episode serve some higher purpose? Only time will tell. I continue to believe that as the appeals process unfolds, the appropriate conclusions will be drawn from the deplorable proceedings engaged in during this trial; and I continue to hope that members of the public will weigh the considerable amount of evidence contained in my internet pieces that are still available online: evidence regarding an ongoing campaign of smears, plagiarism, exclusion, and silencing directed against my father and other independently-minded scholars who have confirmed the results of my father’s research.

No higher purpose is served by fraud.  Just the lowest of purposes: self aggrandizement.  And the fact that his father has yet to say a single word in public in support of (at least, if not defense of) his son is the most telling indicator of the younger Golb’s real motivation: he just wants his dad’s attention.

The Saddest Aspect of the Trial of Raphael Golb…

Is that his father, whom he defended so vociferously and so hazardously and so stringently, didn’t bother to attend a single moment of the proceedings.  If my child were on trial, nothing could keep me away.  How about you?  But Raphael’s father stayed home and worked.

A Sumerian proverb may fit-

cah2-gin7 cu ab-/kar\-kar-re!
i-gi4-in-/zu\ ni2-te-a-ni lugal-a-ni-ce3!-/am3\-e-ce

He snatches things like a pig, as if for himself,
but also for his owner.

I’m no psychiatrist but it sure looks like Raphael’s tale is the tragic story, too often repeated, of a son who loves his father and just, for all his faults, wants his approval.  His interest.  His notice.  I suddenly feel strangely sorry for Raphael Golb.  I have the feeling he never would have done it if his dad had shown any interest in him…

Raphael Golb Admits Lying to Authorities

Today at the trial of Raphael Golb, he admitted he’s a falsifier.  Or in plain terms, a liar.

A prosecutor today hammered the “deranged” Dead Sea Scrolls cyber-bully for lying to investigators about the defendant’s scheme to discredit his dad’s academic adversaries. During tedious and testy cross-examination, Manhattan lawyer Raphael Golb was forced to admit he lied throughout his 2009 video-taped interview with authorities, who were grilling him about fake e-mail addresses created to wage cyber war against rival scholars. “In my deranged state of mind, yes!” a frustrated Golb blurted out, admitting to his series of deceptive answers. Golb is accused of going over the line and using criminal means to target rivals of his dad, noted Dead Sea Scrolls scholar Norman Golb.


Assistant DA John Bandler meticulously went through statements Golb originally gave to investigators, when the son denied ever making up phony email addresses and blogs to attack his dad’s rivals. At one point, as Bandler went through dozens of fake e-mail addresses Golb had created, the defendant gave rapid-fire “yes” answers and gestured with his left hand for the prosecutor to speed it up.


“Yes, I lied over and over again during the interview, the interrogation,” an exasperated Golb admitted. Golb now takes full credit for making up all those phony emails. But defense lawyers claim he’s within his constitutional right to blow the whistle on the academic frauds.

Those hoping dad Norman Golb would testify will be disappointed to learn that the defense rested today.

The defense rested with Golb as its only witness and closing arguments are set for this afternoon.

It’s almost over and he stands convicted out of his own mouth. Now the jury need simply put its stamp of approval on his admission.

The Testimony of Raphael Golb According to the New York Times

The Times does a great job of reporting the testimony and pointing out the irrelevancy of the bulk of it.

Mr. Golb spent much of his nearly three hours on the witness stand defending the theory of his father, Norman Golb, a professor at the University of Chicago, that the scrolls were kept in various libraries in Jerusalem until they were hidden during the Roman war of A.D. 67 to 73 in the caves where they were found more than a half-century ago. … This academic debate provided an underlying — though not extremely relevant — theme to the case, as Mr. Golb drifted into lengthy dissertations that implored the jurors, if nothing else, to agree with his father’s theory.

And that, in sum, is all that Golb is concerned with doing. Even on trial, he can’t resist promoting his dad’s viewpoint.

He criticized many in the academic community for dismissing his father’s theories and trying to silence him.

Silence him? Hardly. N. Golb teaches at the University of Chicago and has a wide readership and lofty perch from which to share his ideas. They are widely rejected because idiosyncratic and unsustainable. He’s hardly the poor marginalized nobody R. Golb is acting like he is.

Mr. Golb, who said he spoke Spanish, French and Italian, and could read Latin and German, and danced Argentine tango in his free time, told the jury that, for him, the debate was not about money. It was about the greater good of academia.

Bit of a self absorbed guy, isn’t he? What does any of that have to do with the issue at hand? Nothing. But it does show what kind of person he is.

Today In New York at the Trial of Raphael Golb

Dr. Robert Cargill

Robert Cargill is scheduled to testify.   Bob was, along with Lawrence Schiffman, the primary target of Raphael Golb’s character assassination in his attempt to promote his father Norman Golb’s theory about the origins of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Over a period of literally years Cargill carefully assembled extraordinary evidence which clearly, and incontrovertibly showed that Raphael Golb assumed different personas and imitated people in online postings.

The lengths to which Golb went are simply astonishing.  Just amazing.

More than anything I wish I could be in New York to hear Cargill’s testimony.  To be sure, the entirety of the scholarly world is on the side of right and fairness and hence on the side of Schiffman and Cargill (and the other victims of Golb’s actions including Jeffrey Gibson).  Golb too has one or two supporters.  People like Geoff Hudson (himself a person who is actually delusional enough to think that Jeffrey Gibson is virtually every biblical scholar on every list and author of every biblioblog) and a friend of Golb’s who teaches English.

I’ve said it before and I’ll maintain it to the end- Golb is guilty as sin and when he’s so adjudged the whole world will know the frivolity of internet anonymity and the pointlessness of misrepresenting the views of others by means of it.  Golb was found out.  So will the others be who try to defame.

Norman Golb on the NatGeo Dead Sea Scrolls Special

Remains of living quarters at Qumran.

Vi avevo detto del documentario del National Geographic sulla paternità dei Rotoli di Qumran. Risponde Norman Golb con diverse criticità. Ho scritto più volte, ma lo ripeto per la cronaca, che Golb è uno dei pochi studiosi convinti che i manoscritti siano stati completati a Gerusalemme e successivamente portati a Qumran.

The PDF of Golb’s rejoinder can be accessed here.

I can’t wait to see how Bob responds.