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Where Will NASA’s Defunct Satellite Hit?

Oh that’s an easy one really- it’s going to break apart and a lot of it will burn up and the remainder of large chunks will fall into the sea… except for one big piece that’s going to land right in West Virginia…

If only we knew someone in West Virginia so they could be warned…

But, alas, there really isn’t anyone left in West Virginia.  They’ve all moved to Ohio, the state West Virginians most admire….

Still, if you’re left in West Virginia, take cover on Friday.

25 Years Ago Today…

The Shuttle ‘Challenger’ exploded and I can still see it happening.  We watched it live.  And then we watched it over and over again until it became completely engrained in our psyches.  But I suspect those images would still be fresh if I had only seen them once.  It was shocking.  It was half a lifetime ago.  I was 25.  I was serving my first Church as Pastor.  I was a grad student.

I don’t know that it changed us, though.  But it did affect us.  It made us aware of the fact that science doesn’t have all the answers it thinks it has and it can’t work perfection.  It fails.  And when it fails, it fails massively and horrifically.   Science, we all learned, miscalculates.  It underestimates.  It errs.  It is not, was not, and never will be infallible.  It is not God.

Now, every time a spacecraft lifts off I think of the Challenger and I pray for the people newly venturing into space.  I hope they return safe and sound.

In any event, the Huffington Post has a nice retrospective worth reading.  Lest we forget our pioneers.