Planned Parenthood Harvested Organs While Babies Were Still Alive, Including Brain Tissue

A new undercover sting video released today shows testimony of a former StemExpress procurement technician who said Planned Parenthood harvested organs from babies whose hearts were still beating. The video, which was released by the Center for Medical Progress, is the seventh in a series of videos unmasking Planned Parenthood’s baby body parts trafficking scheme.

These people really are vile. Not just evil, demonic. And the wicked perverse souls who cringe at comparing abortion to the Nazi death camps are just as guilty as the murderers at Planned Parenthood for winking at the murder of children.

Americans Are Appalled By Horrific Deeds, But Not Bothered Enough to Change Policy

Even before rogue abortionist Kermit Gosnell was convicted in Philadelphia on May 13 of delivering and then killing late-term infants, abortion opponents were convinced they had a case that could reshape an abortion debate that has remained static over the years.

After the verdict, they were even more confident.

“Dr. Gosnell is only the front man; and the real trial has only just begun. The defendant is the abortion license in America,” Robert P. George, a Princeton law professor and leading conservative activist, wrote after a jury convicted Gosnell of three counts of first-degree murder for snipping the spines of babies after botched abortions.


David Gibson may think that there are several reasons why Gosnell’s sick and twisted murderous behavior won’t be a change-influence but it all really boils down to just one:

Americans may act appalled by horrific deeds, but they’re not bothered enough to change policy.  They aren’t bothered by abortion on demand.  They aren’t bothered by drunk drivers constantly murdering innocent victims.  They aren’t bothered by the negative effects of climate change.  And they aren’t bothered by much of anything (as long as they have sports, money, drugs and food, nothing else really matters).  Appalled?  Oh sure, for about 5 seconds.  Bothered?  Not even for 1 second.

Vile Teens With a Gun Slaughter a One Year Old Baby in a Stroller

Hell, open wide thy mouth

Two teenage suspects, one as young as 14, have been arrested in the shooting death of a 1-year-old Georgia boy, who was killed as his mother pushed him in a stroller, police announced today.

Chief Tobe Green of the Brunswick Police Department said that Demarquis Elkins, 17, and a 14-year-old unidentified suspect whose name has been withheld because of his age, were arrested early this morning in connection with the baby’s death, and both have been charged with first-degree murder. “We are still investigating the motive, but we are trying to turn every stone to make sure we get a motive,” Green said.

Green declined to provide further details, other than to say it continued to be an open investigation, and that no weapon had yet been recovered.  Under Georgia law, Elkins is considered an adult, Green said, but the younger suspect is considered a minor.

Because in America every miscreant has a God given right to have a gun.  Right?  As long as ‘law abiding citizens’ don’t have their privileges taken away, who cares how many kids are killed by perverted and vile wicked evildoers, right?

Sherry West, the 41-year-old mother of the child, told police she’d been walking her 13-month-old son, Antonio, in a stroller Thursday morning through their Brunswick, Ga., neighborhood when two African-American boys approached her and demanded money. When she told them she didn’t have any money, West said one of the boys pulled out a handgun.

Too lazy and feckless to earn a decent living and with the morals of gutter dwellers, the thieves then…

“… said, ‘I’m going to kill you if you don’t give me money,’ and I said, ‘I swear I don’t have any,”‘ West told WAWS-TV in Jacksonville, Fla.

West said she tried to shield her child with her arms, but the gunman shoved her and shot the baby in the head. West was shot in the leg. Going on West’s description, police said they began looking for two African-American boys between the ages of 10 and 15 years old since Thursday. No details about how the suspects were arrested were given.

Shot the baby in the head.  Shot.  A 1 year old baby.  In. The. Head.

Hell- open wide thy mouth.

Gunners- Tell Us Again How Existing Gun Laws are Sufficient

They knew the Delano house far too well. It was where Christian Philip Oberender, then 14 years old, had murdered his mother in a shotgun ambush in the family rec room in 1995.

Now, 18 years later, Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson was sending his deputies back to the home where Oberender still lives. Just two days earlier, Olson had scanned the day’s shift reports and froze when he tripped over Oberender’s name. A scan of a Facebook page then showed firearms spread out like a child’s trophies on a bed inside the home, along with notes about the Newtown, Conn., gunman who shot 20 children to death.

What Olson’s deputies found in the home was chilling: 13 guns, including semi-automatic rifles, an AK-47, a Tommy gun, assorted shotguns and handguns, including a .50-caliber Desert Eagle.

Even more disturbing was the letter Oberender had written recently to his late mother, Mary: “I am so homicide,” it said in broken sentences. “I think about killing all the time. The monster want out. He only been out one time and someone die.”

Today, Oberender sits in a Carver County jail cell on a charge of being a felon in possession of firearms. And Olson, who investigated the 1995 murder as a young detective, finds his investigators at the center of a case that exposes the dangerous loopholes in the nation’s gun laws and Minnesota’s system of criminal background checks.

Even though Oberender killed his mother with a firearm, even though he was committed to the state hospital in St. Peter as mentally ill and dangerous more than a decade ago, he was able to obtain a permit to purchase firearms last May. That piece of paper gave Oberender, now 32, the ability to walk into any licensed Minnesota retailer and buy any assault weapon or pistol on the rack.

Gun laws are working, are they?  Tell us another.  Yes, please, tell us how our laws make sense and how grand it is that folk can go to gun shows and buy whatever they want without a background check and how any suggestion that those laws be changed is somehow un-American.  And most of all, tell us why your idols are so important to you.

When Your Default Conflict Resolution is Murder by Gun, You Might be an American…

A 16-year-old boy fatally shot his friend with a shotgun after the pair argued over a paintball game and playfully wrestled at the boy’s home in South Dakota, according to an arrest affidavit released Wednesday.

The victim, Dalton Williams of Pierre, was found lying in the entryway of the accused shooter’s house around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday with a gunshot wound to the chest. Paramedics rushed the high school sophomore to a nearby hospital, but he later died.

The accused shooter was arrested at the home on a first-degree murder charge and was being held Wednesday in Hughes County, Pierre Police Chief Bob Grandpre said.

The local prosecutor said the teen is being charged as an adult. He has not yet been arraigned or indicted, so The Associated Press is withholding his name because he is a minor. His attorney didn’t immediately return a phone message.

The boys, both 16, were classmates at Riggs High School.

A 16-year-old witness who was hanging out with the boys told detectives that Williams and the other boy began to wrestle around jokingly after arguing about a paintball game.

The accused shooter then retrieved a semi-automatic shotgun, walked into the kitchen area and pointed it at the witness, according to the arrest affidavit.

America… Americans… Guns… Violence… Conflict…  Mix them all together and what do you get?  Death.  America’s love of death will be the death of us.

Murders in North Afghanistan, Um, I Mean Chicago, Hit 400

Homicides in Chicago have reached a new high this year, even as recent data show that surging gun violence in the Windy City has slowed from its devastating midsummer heights.  With still three months of the year ahead, Chicago has seen 400 murders so far in 2012 as of Friday, marking a 25 percent increase over last year’s numbers, WGN reports.

They must be so proud.

“The city has gone wild. It’s no longer just gang killing, it’s random killing,” Trotter told the AP.  Last week, Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy touted that, although the city got off to a violent start this year, its murder rate in September was down 30 percent, according to CBS Chicago. McCarthy also said shootings have been on the decline for five consecutive months.  Gun violence still proved fatal for 25-year-old Chicagoan Jose Escobar, who was gunned down early Sunday outside Johnny O’s Hot Dogs, a 24-hour stand located at 35th and Morgan in the city’s Bridgeport neighborhood, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

So proud…

What Has Cassidy Goodson Done That Thousands Upon Thousands of Doctors Haven’t?

America’s legal murder for convenience policy (you call it abortion, I call it murder for convenience) is carried out every day- so why are we so horrified when a 14 year old murderess slaughters an infant still attached by the umbilical cord to her?  Look at her face.  She doesn’t care what she’s done.

A 14-year is accused of choking her newborn to death while the baby was still attached to her by the umbilical cord.  Cassidy Goodson of Lakeland, Fla. is charged with first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse, according to theLedger.  Goodson gave birth to a boy in the bathroom of her home on Sept. 19, ABC News reports.  Police say the high school freshman ultimately used scissors to pry the baby out of her body and into the toilet. Lifting the baby out of the toilet, Goodson “placed her hands on the infant’s neck and squeezed until he wasn’t moving or breathing any longer,” according to a statement released by Polk County Sheriff’s Office on Friday.

Horrific isn’t it?  But the murder of children happens every day and the hypocrites who are horrified by this disgusting act are silent and compliant when tens of thousands of others who do the same thing (under the different name of ‘abortion’ – but it’s still murder because the end result is exactly the same).  That’s hypocrisy at it’s finest.

Shoot First And Then Find Out You’ve Just Killed Your Son

Congratulations, Mr. Giuliano.  You’ve murdered your own son.

A man fatally shot a masked teenager in self-defense outside his neighbor’s house during what appeared to be an attempted late-night burglary and then discovered it was his son, state police said.  Police identified the dead boy as 15-year-old Tyler Giuliano, who was shot at about 1 a.m. Thursday in New Fairfield, a town along the New York line just north of Danbury.  A woman who was alone in the house believed someone was breaking in and called the teen’s father, who lives next door, and he grabbed a gun and went outside to investigate, police said.  The father confronted someone wearing a black ski mask and black clothing and then fired his gun when the person went at him with a shiny weapon in his hand, police said.  When police officers arrived, the father was sitting on the grass next to the woman’s home and the teen was lying in the driveway with gunshot injuries. The teen was pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

She believed she was being robbed (but the kid wasn’t ever even in her house) and he believed he was being attacked.  Seems they both believed something that turned out to be untrue and now a dad has murdered his own child- all because of ill-founded ‘belief’.

Perhaps she should have called the police instead of her trigger happy neighbor and perhaps he should have fired a warning shot into the ground before he shot directly into someone’s torso.

Gun-lust and the ‘old-west’ shoot first and ask questions later constantly ends in tragedy and yet we Americans are incapable of changing our behavior.  It’s appalling.

There’s A Special, a Very Special Place in Hell for Steven Deuman

Here’s why

A Michigan man has been found guilty of killing his 15-week-old daughter while orally raping her, Michigan Live reports.  Steven Deuman, 26, was convicted on Wednesday of first-degree murder and aggravated sexual assault. He faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole, according to the Associated Press.  Deuman’s infant daughter, Evelynne Deuman, was found dead with a condom in her mouth on Aug. 12, 2011. The death occurred at Deuman’s home on Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indian Reservation in northern Michigan.  Deuman had called the child’s mother to say that he had left their daughter on the bed while stepped outside to smoke, but returned to find the girl on the floor, not breathing.

That is, I think, the vilest most monstrous thing I’ve ever heard of any father doing to his child.  There’s a special, a very special place in hell for Steven Deuman.  And he deserves it.  To call this human beast Satan is to insult Satan.

My Oh My, Drug Abusers Really Are Mad

A Northern California mixed-martial artist accused of ripping out his friend’s heart and removing his tongue while the two were on hallucinogenic drugs has pleaded guilty to murder and mayhem charges. Jarrod Wyatt of Crescent City agreed to a plea deal in which he will serve 50 years to life in prison, Del Norte County prosecutors said. His official sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 4. Wyatt pleaded guilty to first-degree murder involving mayhem in the March 21, 2010, death of his sparring partner, 21-year-old Taylor Powell, prosecutors said. “The earliest he’ll be able to see a parole board is 2062,” District Attorney Jon Alexander said. “We saved Taylor’s family the agony from reliving the incident at the trial.” Wyatt’s attorney, James Fallman, said his 29-year-old client didn’t want to testify at trial and he didn’t want his family to testify.

That’s why they call it dope. Those who use illegal drugs and who abuse legal ones are just dopes. In the absolute sense.

Total Depravity: Murdered Over Facebook, And The Killer Got a One Year Sentence

This is inexplicably stupid: both in terms of the stupid boy who killed a total stranger and the stupid courts which gave him just a year….

A 15-year-old Dutch boy was sentenced to a year in juvenile detention on Monday for stabbing to death a girl whose Facebook posts reportedly led to a contract for her killing.  The case, known in the Netherlands as the “Facebook murder”, caused widespread debate about the role of social media in violent crime.  The court said the boy did not know the victim and had murdered her “at the request or instructions of others”.  Dutch media reported that the 15-year-old victim, named in court documents as Winsie, had argued for weeks with two friends on the social networking site before they allegedly asked the defendant, who was 14 at the time, to kill her.  He was offered a 1,000 euro payment, the media reported.

Dutchlanders, your laws really are senseless.  Shame on you.  Shame on your failure to value a human life and punish with any seriousness the vermin which snuffed it out.

George Zimmerman Isn’t Just a Killer, he’s Also a Liar

Zimmerman, the hero of the racist crowd, lied about the funds he had available for bail and he lied about having an extra passport so the judge wisely ordered him back to jail.

George Zimmerman arrived at the Seminole County Jail in Sanford, Fla., early this afternoon to turn himself in after a judge revoked his bail in the killing of Trayvon Martin….  [F]ollowing a contentious hearing Friday in which the court learned Zimmerman and his wife Shelly had allegedly tried to hide from the court the more than $135,000 in cash they had amassed in donated legal funds, Circuit Court Judge Kenneth Lester ordered him back in jail with 48 hours.

Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Mara said Zimmerman’s credibility will now be a major issue which he will have to address.

Defenders of Zimmerman, ask yourself something- if he will lie about money and passports, what makes you think he won’t lie about the circumstances of his encounter with Mr Martin?

She Walked Outside the Church and was Killed

Out in Colorado

A Colorado pastor’s mother and a suspect are dead after both were shot outside a suburban Denver church.  Authorities say the pastor’s mother was shot when she went outside the New Destiny Christian Center in Aurora just as services were ending Sunday. They say an off-duty officer was in the congregation and shot a suspect.  Police told CBS-4 in Denver ( that the shooting happened after there was an argument between people in two vehicles in the parking lot outside the church.  Pastor De Lono Straham told 9NEWS in Denver ( ) that his mother passed away after the shooting Sunday evening.

Two folk argue in a church parking lot and one shoots and a woman is killed…  Thanks, NRA.  You made it possible.

Sick of it yet?  I didn’t think so.

Total Depravity: The Muslim ‘Religious Scholar’ Who Murdered

An elderly man, recently released from prison after acquittal by the court on proving innocent in a blasphemy case, was shot dead by the complainant in the Farooqabad area of Sheikhupura. 80-year-old Iqbal Butt was on his way home on a motorcycle rikshaw when he was shot dead when the accuser Maulvi Waqas and an unidentified accomplice chased him on a motorcycle and opened fire, resulting in his death.

Just in case you missed the reason Iqbal was killed- he was acquitted of blasphemy but his accuser wasn’t satisfied with that outcome.

“The complainant Maulvi Waqas, a Khateeb of a local Mosque, was unhappy with the acquittal and he along with an unknown accomplice shot Iqbal Butt,” the Investigation Officer (IO) Sub Inspector Javed Mehmood said. A case has been registered against Waqas and his unknown accomplice but no arrests have been made as yet. According to police, raids are being conducted to find the accused.

A ‘religion scholar’ who murders.  I think he missed the point of his religion.

That’s One Vicious Woman

It took a Louisiana jury less than two hours last week to convict a 47-year-old homeless woman of killing her boyfriend with her own prosthetic leg.  Debra Hewitt — whose nickname “Angel” has led her to be called the “Angel of Death” — was convicted for the 2010 killing in which she stomped on her boyfriend, Dwayne Ball, and then took off her prosthetic leg and beat him in the head with it, the Advocate reported.  The decomposing body of 47-year-old Ball was found about six weeks later in Lafayette Parish. He had been choked, beaten, stabbed and left for dead.

Who in the world nicknamed her ‘Angel’?  Satan?

The More We Learn About Josh Powell, The More Depraved We Know He Was

He murdered his wife (does anyone doubt it?).  He murdered his children (everyone knows it).  And now we discover that he was obsessed with incest porn.  And the authorities knew!!!!  And they still let him have visits with his children.   That means they are complicit in the murders of those poor little kids.

 Josh Powell had hundreds of images of disturbing cartoon sex and graphic depictions of incest on his home computer, something Utah authorities investigating his wife’s disappearance kept private for about two years, according to files released Friday.

So disgusting.

Many of the approximately 400 images described in the state social services included sexual depictions of popular cartoons, including child-focused characters such as Rugrats, Dennis the Menace and SpongeBob SquarePants. Another 15 images showed 3-D depictions of sex involving parents and their children.

So depraved.

Parole for a Sociopath? Nope

A Missouri teenager who had described the slaying of a young neighbor girl as an “ahmazing” thrill made an emotional apology Wednesday to the girl’s family and was sentenced to a potential lifetime in prison.

Moments before her sentence was imposed, 18-year-old Alyssa Bustamante rose from her chair — with shackles linking her ankles and holding her hands to her waist — and turned to face the family of 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten, whom she confessed to killing in October 2009.  “I really am extremely, very sorry for everything. I know words,” she said, pausing to take a deep breath and struggling to compose herself, “can never be enough, and they can never adequately describe how horribly I feel for all of this.”  She later added: “If I could give my life to get her back I would. I’m sorry.”

‘I’m sorry’ is such an empty, overused, pointless phrase.  They should never let this evil beast out of prison.  Ever.  Why did satan’s tool do it?

Bustamante was 15 years old at the time of Elizabeth’s murder in the small town of St. Martins, just west of Jefferson City. Evidence presented during her hearing revealed that Bustamante had dug a shallow grave in the woods several days in advance, then used her younger sister to lure Elizabeth out of her home with an invitation to play. Bustamante, who had hidden a knife in a backpack, said she had a surprise for Elizabeth in the forest. The surprise turned out to be her demise.


“I strangled them and slit their throat and stabbed them now they’re dead,” Bustamante wrote in her diary, which was read in court by a handwriting expert. “I don’t know how to feel atm. It was ahmazing. As soon as you get over the ‘ohmygawd I can’t do this’ feeling, it’s pretty enjoyable. I’m kinda nervous and shaky though right now. Kay, I gotta go to church now…lol.”

‘Lol…’  evil.  ‘Enjoyable’?  Only a sociopath could utter that word in connection with murder.  Prison for life, till death, and nothing less should have been the sentence.

Child Sacrifice is Alive and Well, in India

A seven-year-old Indian girl was murdered in a tribal sacrifice and her liver offered to the gods to improve crop growth, police in the central state of Chhattisgarh said on Sunday.  The body of Lalita Tati was found in October one week after her family reported her missing.  “A seven-year-old girl was sacrificed by two persons superstitiously believing that the act would give a better harvest,” Narayan Das, the police chief of Bijapur district, told AFP by telephone.  The two men was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of killing the girl and offering her liver to the gods in a grisly tribal ceremony. Police said the men had confessed to the crime.  The girl was murdered in a jungle district of Chhattisgarh that is a stronghold of rebel Maoists who have tapped into disaffection among local tribal groups.

Purely vile and perfectly evil.  Via Antonio Lombatti on FB.