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Qaddafi’s Wife Needs my Help!

You know your name is out there when the wives of dead dictators write and offer you money for help…

Asalamalakum Greetings,

I am Safia Farkash Gaddafi, wife of embattled Libyan leader Late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, who is presently kill by rebel 20-10-2011. Following the heat as a result of the crises in Libya against my Late husband, Col. Muammar Gaddafi, I have been able to escape to a Neighbouring country Algeria with my daughter who recently gave birth to save our lives. I am desperately looking for a foreign reliable partner whom I can trust to handle some funds on our behalf. A deposit was made one time ago by my husband in one of the security Companies in the UNITED KINGDOM in my name. The UN and the Western world have freezed most of our assets and funds bearing Gaddafi’s name anywhere in the world. Consequently, our status/position of the present does not permit us to open an account or run any huge financial business at the moment. Hence, I contacting you to claim the funds. The necessary Legal documents will be changed to your name to enable the release of the funds to you by the finacial Company. Your assistance will enable us invest the funds in your country. But before we proceed you will promise me that you will not betray or abscond with the funds when it eventually released to you. Last time the government moved to officially freeze the assets held by the Libyan regime in Switzerland following sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council. Find below the links where some of our assets were freezed. http://www.deccanherald.com/content/144251/libyas-first-lady-owns airline.html

I will furnish you with more info as soon as I hear your response indicating your interest to partner with me. At present I don’t receive or make calls for security reason (s) as it is being monitored. All communication is based on internet. Waiting for your prompt and positive response. Reply to this email: sfgaddafi88@07168.cn

Mrs. Safia Farkash Gaddafi

Naturally I’ve responded with all my personal account details.  Farewell work- hello Libyan gold!

Tony Blair: What a Con Artist

Pretending to be oh so devoted to his ‘faith’ and all the while having lived his entire life scraping and deceiving and manipulating for whatever he could get.  He conned a lot of people.

An investigation by The Sunday Telegraph can reveal new details of the complex structure behind “Tony Blair Inc”. It can also be disclosed that Mr Blair has built links with Monitor Group, an American public affairs consultancy that earned millions of pounds working for Col Muammar Gaddafi, the deposed Libyan dictator.

The former Prime Minister employed at least three staff from Monitor Group as senior advisers to his personal office at the same time as he put together multi-million pound deals in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The men were all on the payroll of the US consultancy firm at the same time as they were representing Mr Blair.

In short, he’s got ties to all manner of shady people and companies.  What a con.  I’m glad he’s Catholic.  Were he Protestant, he would give that branch of Christianity a black eye (though given the present state of Anglicanism, it couldn’t be much of a black eye).

Liberated Libya

Give thanks to God.

The Libyan charge d’affaires in London, Mahmud Nacua, has said that Libya will be rebuilt as a democratic country, after rebels advanced into Tripoli. Mr Nacua thanked the British government for their support and action in opposing Col Gaddafi‘s forces, but said that Nato could cease operations in the country.

Would that the good people of Syria and Palestine could both be free as well.

NATO, You Missed

NATO killed Gadhafi’s son and 3 of his grandchildren but somehow managed to miss their target altogether.

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi survived a NATO airstrike on Saturday night that killed his youngest son Saif al-Arab and three of his grandchildren, a Libyan government spokesman said.  Mussa Ibrahim said Saif al-Arab was a civilian and a student who had studied in Germany. He was 29 years old.

That’s genuinely tragic.  Hit your target or don’t strike at all.

The Libyan Offensive

From CNN

The latest developments on the situation in Libya, where coalition forces launched a series of coordinated airstrikes on Saturday after they were convinced Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi was not adhering to a cease-fire mandated by the United Nations. Read our complete story and check out our full coverage on unrest in the Arab world. Also, don’t miss a gripping, high-resolution gallery of images from Libya.

Watch the madness as it happens.

Putting a Face and a Name to Qadaffi’s Atrocities

On the day that the international coalition finally agreed to move on defending the Libyan people, the people of Benghazi lost their voice. Mohammed Nabbous, the founder of a scrappy but courageous Libyan media outlet Al Hurra TV, was gunned down, apparently by a sniper, as he filmed on Saturday. Befitting his position as east Libya’s news source via social media, Nabbous’ death was met by a wave of twitter tributes.

You can read them here.

Military Intervention

Top officials from the United States, Europe and the Arab world have announced immediate military action to protect civilians amid combat between Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s forces and rebel fighters.  French President Nicolas Sarkozy said after an emergency summit in Paris on Saturday that France has already taken military action against Libya.  Sarkozy said “our determination is total.”

Will this deter Kadafi?  He’s wormed his way out of all kinds of disasters for 40 years.

Is Muammar Qaddafi Making Arrangements to Step Down?

The leader de facto of Libya, Muammar al-Gaddafi.


Could be.  Maybe he realizes that it’s better to step down than it is to watch his country disintegrate and the world to hold him responsible for inciting the next Great Depression.

Al Jazeera television reported on Monday that Muammar Gaddafi has proposed to Libyan rebels to hold a meeting of the country’s parliament to pave the way for him to step down with certain guarantees.  The television quoted sources for the report, which it ran as a flash on its news ticker during a broadcast. It gave no further details.  It said Gaddafi proposed the meeting of the General People’s Congress, or parliament, to the interim council based in the rebel-controlled city of Benghazi.

The oil barons will be heartbroken.  They make their largest profits in the midst of turmoil.

UPDATE:  Apparently his offer has been rejected.  Lucky oil barons, they caught another ‘break’.

‘Love Me, Support Me, Stick With Me…’

No, that’s not the plea of Joel Watts in yet another futile attempt to become #1, it’s Muammar Gadaffi in a speech today to his fellow countrymen…

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi says he will not leave his country, but will die as “a martyr” if necessary.  He denounced Arab satellite TV channels for distorting what he calls the real image of Libya.

He went on to urge them to flood the streets in support of him (the same way many of the poor folk in biblioblogdom beg you to vote for them in doomed hopes of boosting their popularity).

How strange this fellow is.  No, not the vote begging bloggers (though they’re a bit strange too, let’s be honest), but Qaddafi (I do love spelling his name in all its variety).  It’s desperation for desperate times (no not Kadaffi, but the vote urging bloggers… Qudafi and they are sort of melding into one another now…)

Out of Africa: Gaddafi Flees?

Libya: Colonel Gaddafi ‘flees’ to Venezuela as cities fall to protesters.

So announces the Telegraph. I guess his son was wrong when he said they’d fight to the last man and the last bullet. Now if only we could drive the thieving scoundrels out of Washington DC with the same ease.

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi may be heading to Venezuela, Foreign Secretary William Hague has suggested, citing “information that suggests he is on his way.” Leaving talks in Brussels after agreeing an EU statement demanding restraint and an end to violence by the Libyan regime, Mr Hague said he had no firm knowledge but went on: “I have seen some information that suggests he is on his way there at the moment.” British officials indicated the Foreign Secretary was not referring to any media speculation but other sources.

How does this affect you?  Well of course all this ‘uncertainty’ will mean higher oil prices…

Burn Baby Burn…

The way governments wield control is by instilling fear in the population.  Fear sells policy.  It works great all the time too.  It worked great here in the United States after 9/11 when that bastardization of the Constitution called the ‘Patriot Act’ (someone should get a lifetime irony award for that one) was adopted and it’s working in the Middle East.  And it runs something like this:

If our government falls oil prices will soar.

You depend on us for oil.

Hence, it is in your best interest to support us and call off the revolutionary dogs.

And it’s the very line which the feckless tyrant Gaddafi is using today.

Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi’s regime showed more signs of crumbling Monday following a volatile night in which dozens were reportedly killed in the capital and Gaddafi’s son and heir-apparent declared in a televised speech that the North African nation could fall into anarchy if his father was ousted.

If the leaders of the world’s nations were smart they’d say ‘so what, that’s your problem, not ours’.  Then these tyrannical governments would get the message that they have to clean up their acts or suffer the consequences.