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Found Dead in a Bathtub, Naked, With Another Man

And who was that other man?  A local tv meteorologist…. who was found asleep in the tub where the dead guy was…   Eewww

KARK-TV, Channel 4 meteorologist Brett Cummins was found asleep in a bathtub with a naked dead man on Monday, according a Maumelle Police report.  In a police report obtained by ArkansasBusiness.com, police identify the dead man as Dexter Paul Williams, 24, of Mountain Pine. The body was found in the bathroom of a home belonging to 36-year-old Christopher John Barbour.   Just after 8 a.m., officers were called to the home on 16 Village Way to investigate a possible drowning in a jacuzzi tub. An investigating officer says when he arrived Williams’ body was in a fetal position on the floor of the waterless tub.   “His face was blue and purple in color with a chain around his neck,” the report states.   According to the police report, Barbour told police he’d invited Cummins to his home Sunday evening. Cummins brought along a friend, later identified as Williams.

It sounds very much like a politician should be involved…

Barbour told police that he and his guests were drinking and using illegal narcotics. The police report states Barbour was not sure what kind of drugs they were using, but that they snorted them. Around 10 p.m., Cummins and Williams got into the jacuzzi tub and Barbour joined them where they continued to drink, the report states.

Oh come on, there has to be a politician involved.  Why won’t they name him?