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Wishy Washy Bachmann

One day she’s thrilled with her dual citizenship and the next she’s not.  She’s wishy washy and a tad spineless, isn’t she.

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) has decided to withdraw her dual Swiss citizenship.

The conservative congresswoman addressed the matter in a statement on Thursday on the heels of news that she had been granted citizenship of the European country.

“I sent a letter to the Swiss Consulate requesting withdrawal of my dual Swiss citizenship, which was conferred upon me by operation of Swiss law when I married my husband in 1978,” she said. “I took this action because I want to make it perfectly clear: I was born in America and I am a proud American citizen. I am, and always have been, 100 percent committed to our United States Constitution and the United States of America. As the daughter of an Air Force veteran, stepdaughter of an Army veteran and sister of a Navy veteran, I am proud of my allegiance to the greatest nation the world has ever known.”

As if holding dual citizenship calls one’s patriotism into question.  It’s a good thing she won’t be President.  Wishy washy-ness makes for a bad leader.  Furthermore, she owes the Swiss an apology.

Michelle Bachmann Just Earned a Little Respect

At least she speaks the truth and isn’t afraid to say what’s right and what the rest of the civilized world is thinking but not saying.

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann had some fighting words for former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky, charged this month for sexual abuse toward young boys.

“I think my automatic reaction would be, even though I’m a small woman, I’d want to go find that guy and beat him to a pulp,” Bachmann said on NBC’s “Meet The Press” Sunday.

The Minnesota congresswoman said she looks at the “horrific” incident through the lens of a mother. “I think that’s what any parent would want to do when they think about their child,” she explained about her impulse toward violence.

Anyone with a soul wants to beat him to a pulp.  What makes us all better than him is that we can control ourselves and he refused to do so in his own case.

Look, I’ve Got No Quarrel With Bachmann’s Faith…

I’m glad of it.  Truly.  I wish every politician had deep, real, abiding, substantive faith.  I just don’t think she’s smart enough to be President.  That’s all.

The leader of the House’s Tea Party Caucus said conservatives have to stand against federal takeovers of U.S. industries, including the automotive, banking and insurance industries the government bailed out during the recession.  “And we can’t settle when it comes to America standing up for our greatest ally in the world, Israel,” Bachmann said.

Having faith may qualify you to be a good Christian, but it doesn’t make you a good politician.  I wish we lived in a world where it did.  But we don’t.  We don’t even live in the ‘best of all possible worlds’.  But being a Christian Zionist makes you a theological ignoramus.  And I just won’t vote for one of those.  Ever.  Besides, she’s absolutely deranged if she thinks Israel is an ally.  Allies help.  How has Israel helped us aside from not launching an attack on Iraq while we were preparing to invade to denude Saddam of all those WMD’s he had…

Bachmann is a good person (so far as that word can be used of any person).  But she’s not presidential.  Sorry.

Mind you, that’s not to say Obama is.  He lacks both faith and spine.  And there isn’t any other politician known to me who is suited for the office.

So I’ve given up hope that America has anyone worth electing.  Faithful or not.

Exactly How Ignorant is Michelle Bachmann?

This ignorant?

Michelle Bachmann yesterday on Arab Spring: “Barack Obama has laid the table for an Arab Spring by demonstrating weakness.”

What is she talking about?  How did Obama ‘lay the table’ for Arab uprisings against oppressive governments?  And if he did, how did he do it by ‘demonstrating weakness’?????  How ignorant is Michelle Bachmann, and even more importantly, how ignorant are her supporters?

Via the Twitter of Chuck Todd.

Bachmann’s Favorite Preacher is Loonier than Obama’s

Drug-addled-hard-rocker-cum-evangelical-radio-host Bradlee Dean has won conservative fans around the world, including Michele Bachmann. She has spoken on Dean’s show, but keeps the connection low-profile—perhaps because Dean has appeared to support the execution of gays and has accused President Obama of causing more harm to America than Osama bin Laden, the New York Times reports. Still, he has proven his political allegiance by suing NBC, MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, and others for “willfully and maliciously” harming Bachmann’s campaign.

Well in case it was needed, there’s more proof that being a druggie is a bad move because it makes you profoundly stupid.

This Jon Huntsman Guy Has Potential


On ABC’s “This Week” Sunday, Huntsman criticized Perry’s recent comments on global climate change (“a scientific theory that has not been proven”) and evolution (“a theory that’s out there”).

“When we take a position that isn’t willing to embrace evolution, when we take a position that basically runs counter to what 98 of 100 climate scientists have said, what the National Academy of Science has said about what is causing climate change and man’s contribution to it, I think we find ourselves on the wrong side of science, and, therefore, in a losing position,” Huntsman said.

Feuding Republicans.  It’s showtime!

Huntsman also took aim at Michele Bachmann, another strong candidate and tea party favorite, for claiming in South Carolina last week that her energy policy would bring gasoline prices back down below $2 a gallon – a promise Huntsman called “completely unrealistic.”

I like him more and more!  Mr Huntsman, I’m going to keep my eyes on you.

Frank Schaeffer… He’s Not his Father’s Son

[W]hen the family business is religion, it is especially perilous. That is one of the central laments, anyway, of “Sex, Mom, & God,” a new memoir by Frank Schaeffer. To secular Americans, the name Frank Schaeffer means nothing. But to millions of evangelical Christians, the Schaeffer name is royal, and Frank is the reluctant, wayward, traitorous prince. His crime is not financial profligacy, like some pastors’ sons, but turning his back on Christian conservatives.


“I had been home-schooled,” Mr. Schaeffer told me. “I had no education, no qualifications, and I was groomed to do this stuff. What was I going to do? If two lines are forming, and one has a $10,000 honorarium to go to a Christian Booksellers Association conference and keynote, and the other is to consider your doubts and get out with nothing else to do, what are you going to do?”

Groomed… That’s a very interesting take on his upbringing and it fits quite nicely.  This sounds like an interesting book for sure.

All Hale President Bachmann

Official photo of Congresswoman Michele Bachma...

America's next President

The HuffPo says of the straw thing in Iowa

Michele Bachmann appears to have blown the doors off this thing, with reports of at least 6,000 votes. Ron Paul aides tell me they passed out 4,700 or 4,800 tickets. And there are reports of more than 3,000 tickets passed out by Pawlenty.

Again, these are not official numbers, but if they are right, then Bachmann is the big winner today, and Pawlenty has some very hard questions to answer about whether his campaign has any future at all.

All hale Bachmann- what America deserves (no, really, she’s just what we deserve).

America’s Reactionary Feminists

Go get ’em Al Jazeera! A-J asks

What do Palin and Bachmann have that make them so appealing to the American public?

I don’t know. A lot of foolish voters?

Both Bachmann and Palin are regularly derided in the mainstream press. In Palin’s case, the dominant perception is that she is an intellectual lightweight: a clip of her unable to mention a single newspaper or news magazine that she reads regularly got millions of hits on YouTube during the last presidential election.

Bachmann, on the other hand, is portrayed as being slightly unhinged. Indeed, I can attest from personal experience that to debate her is to encounter someone who is absolutely certain of facts that must exist somewhere in a parallel universe.

But it would be a mistake simply to dismiss their appeal with no effort to comprehend its source. This is especially true of Bachmann. Palin has not managed to secure the support and mentorship of the Republican Party establishment, and will continue to showcase her odd appeal as a media personality. But Bachman, weirdly, might become President of the United States.

Give it all a read.

Bachmann’s Hypocrisy

Like many members of Congress, Rep. Michele Bachmann has been a fierce critic of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, blaming the government-backed loan programs for excesses that helped create the financial meltdown in 2008.  And like millions of other home purchasers, Bachmann took out a home loan in 2008 that offered lower costs to the borrower through one of the federally subsidized programs, according to mortgage experts who reviewed her loan documents.

Like so many of the tea party- she wants it for herself, she just doesn’t want it for anyone else.  She’s happy to take it for herself.  But she doesn’t want anyone else to take it.  I don’t know what they call that up in Iowa or over in Washington (probably expediency) but down here we name things what they are: hypocrisy.

Oh Michelle, How Can I Vote For you Now?

After all, we all know that every single person who ever attends a church is a firm believer in every doctrine as taught by the pastor of that church…

(This kind of story is SO infuriating and now the very people who objected to Obama being identified with his loon preacher are trying to tie Bachmann to her loon preacher.  That’s just not fair or realistic).

The Lutheran denomination that GOP presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann quit in June sought to explain its belief that the papacy is the anti-Christ after reports questioned whether Bachmann is anti-Catholic. Six days before Bachmann officially launched her presidential campaign last month, the Minnesota Republican and her family verbally requested to leave Salem Lutheran Church in Stillwater, Minn., which is part of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).

She doubtless left to avoid just this problem of misidentification. Even politicians should be judged on their own beliefs and not made guilty by association. Just because I hang out with Joel Watts doesn’t make me the devil. And just because Bachmann’s church held a certain odd view (for th 21st century) doesn’t mean she does.

Now to be sure I wish everyone believed exactly as I did. If they did, the entire world really would be perfect. But until that glorious day when one and all come to see the real truth as I presently do, then I simply can’t assume that they do now…

(I’m really tempted to vote for Bachmann because of the absurdity of implied guilt by former association).

Worthless Wikipedia Bachmann-ized

And updated with the latest Bachmann-isms.  Wikiality strikes again:

Earlier today, Paddy posted a video of Michele Bachmann defending her utterly and stupidly erroneous Founding Father remarks. Yes, she actually stood her wobbly ground, which is a little like trying to walk on quicksand. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t put it past her to try that, too. Since she made the original “balloon head” Founding-Fathers-ended-slavery statements, and presented today’s “John Quincy Adams was a Founding Father” defense, a lot of people have been joking about whether or not some right wing nut job would scurry over to John Quincy Adams’ Wiki page and alter it to accommodate their misinformed spokesperson-turned-presidential contender.

Yes, do consult wikipedia. It’s so reliable! And while you’re at it get all your archaeological information from Simcha and all your biblical exegesis from Todd Bentley.

[Via Joel on the Twitter].

I Knew Bachmann Would Be a Delight!

And she’s already delivering!

On “Fox News Sunday,” Michele Bachmann told Chris Wallace, “Of course a person has to be careful with statements that they make. I think that’s true.” Two days later, she may have wished she had followed her own advice a bit more closely. After her presidential campaign kickoff, Bachmann stepped into a cultural joke mindfield [sic- apparently WaPo editors don’t know it’s ‘minefield’] by comparing herself to John Wayne of Waterloo, Iowa. The only John Wayne that ever lived in Waterloo was the serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

It’s almost as though the Republicans run the absolutely ignorant and no one else is allowed to try.

For Mike Huckabee Higher Taxes = The Holocaust…

The former governor thinks he can get away with comparing higher taxes to the Holocaust because of his “unequalled friendship” with Israel. But is he really an ally of the Jewish community?  After all he’s done for Israel, Mike Huckabee does not appreciate being criticized for comparing American debt to the Holocaust. Thus on Tuesday, when the Anti-Defamation League’s Abraham Foxman chastised him for doing just that, he responded with anger and a hint of menace, saying, “Israel and Jewish people need to make friends, not insult the ones they have.” Such words are unlikely to convince many Jews that Huckabee is their ally. The statement should serve as a reminder that the aggressive Zionism of the Christian right does not translate into sensitivity toward broader Jewish concerns.  The contretemps started Saturday, when both Huckabee and Michele Bachmann gave speeches likening the United States’ fiscal future to the Nazi genocide. Speaking at a conservative forum in New Hampshire, Bachmann recalled learning about the Holocaust as a child and wondering whether her mother did anything to stop it. “There is no analogy to that horrific action,” she said, before making an analogy to that horrific action: “We are seeing eclipsed in front of our eyes a similar death and a similar taking away. It is this disenfranchisement that I think we have to answer to.”

Are these politicians really this stupid? It must take absolute decades of utter ineptitude to hone such witlessness to the razor sharp edge they give it.  First, to equate taxes with murder is just downright moronic.  And second, to believe that you can get away with it because the Jews like you so much is mindlessness.  Israel loves Huckabee and his Christian Zionist ilk only and so long as they continue to give Israel unquestioning support.  Israel uses Christian Zionists as lobbyists and that’s all.  They care as little for the lunatics as the lunatics care for the truth.

So, well done, Governor, you’ve elevated silliness to a whole new level.

The Dream [Nightmare] Ticket… Bachmann/ Palin 2012!

Wouldn’t a Bachmann/Palin ticket be super awesome?  Two tea people who have a combined IQ of 14 and the political experience and know how of a water buffalo.  It’s fantastic.  You can almost hear America die in anticipation…

Tea party star Michele Bachmann is planning to launch an exploratory campaign for president in June or possibly sooner, CNN has learned.  A source close to the Minnesota congresswoman told CNN that Bachmann has been telling others that her filing and announcement will take place in “early summer.” But if a debate sponsor indicates an exploratory committee is necessary for participation, Bachmann may file earlier.

If they’d just team up and campaign we could all watch as America draws its last breath and expires.  Come on girls, join hands and do what Al-Qaeda hasn’t been and never will be able to do: bring the country to ruination.