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Pilgrim Theology, By Michael Horton

The nice folk at Zondervan sent along, several weeks back, the galley proofs of Horton’s soon to be published (Feb 2013) book titled “Pilgrim Theology“. According to the publisher- This concise tour of Christian doctrine is an ideal resource for … Continue reading

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Does Calvinism Lead to Anti-Mission Sentiments?

No.  In a word.  No.  But there are more words supporting the no here. The accusation that Calvinism leads to antimission sentiments has sometimes been leveled, but as Michael Horton shows in his recent book For Calvin, nothing could be … Continue reading

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Same Sex Marriage Makes Sense… If Your Worldview is Skewed and Your Theology Unbiblical

Michael Horton has a very, very fine, very intelligently written, unassailable piece on the fact that same sex marriage makes sense only in a society adrift, where ego-centrism reigns and the God revealed in Scripture is jettisoned.   Some of … Continue reading

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