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You Knew It Was Bound to Happen… Boston and Iran Linked… As A Sign of the End…

Richard Bartholomew ‏@Barthsnotes tweets-

Australian pastor links Iran earthquake and Boston as “6th Seal Signs”, warns meteorites on Melbourne may be next.


If Melbourne isn’t destroyed by meteorites …  good grief.  I do like his evasion though- ‘I’m not claiming we’re inspired…’  Of course you aren’t.  But it does allow you to say all manner of insane things afterwards and then when they don’t happen as you’ve predicted you can still assert your apocalyptic lunacy.

Mazar in Melbourne

Louise Hitchcock writes on the Facebook-

An exciting public lecture is scheduled for Monday 19 September at Melbourne Uni, to be delivered by one of Israel’s foremost archaeologists, Prof Amihai Mazar, who will be talking on the fascinating subject of ‘A Tale of Two Cities: Ancient Beth Shean and Tel Rehov’. For more information and registration please click into: http://blogs.unimelb.edu.au/shaps/2011/08/15/a-tale-of-two-cities-professor-amihai-mazar/

Where in the World Are Mark Stevens and Chris Tilling Now?

Cover of "Python"

Oh my… well it seems that the two of them have decided to team up on their escapades and Chris has traveled down under to visit Mark and make mayhem. Sorta.

Two “dumb and dumber” alleged pet thieves wrestled a stolen python in a McDonald’s restaurant carpark as astonished customers looked on, Australian police said Thursday.  The men, aged 22 and 24, 45 and 97, struggled with the 1.5-metre (five feet) snake, named Boris, which was “not happy” at being removed from its container after being stolen from a Melbourne pet shop. “In all honesty, it’s just a case of dumb and dumber,” Detective Sergeant Andrew Beams told public broadcaster ABC. “Anyone who gets out there with a one-and-a-half metre python in a McDonald’s carpark, they’re pretty dumb.” Totally Reptiles owner Jodie Graham said Boris, who is safely back at the pet shop, has a “very nice personality” and was upset at not being handled properly.

Oh you guys…  never steal a python!