What is it about Megachurches That Both Encourage and Invite Vile Perverse Reprobates to Occupy Their Pulpits?

Ted Haggard and his ilk seem to be precisely the types of wolves in sheep’s clothing megachurches love.  They sure do seem to call a lot of them.  The latest, a perverted child molester named Jack Schaap.  Mr Schaap

… told a 17-year-old girl that Jesus wanted her to have sexual relations with him.  … “In our ‘fantasy talk,’ you have affectionately spoken of being ‘my wife,’” Schaap wrote to the girl. “That is exactly what Christ desires for us. He wants to marry us + become eternal lovers!”

Last year, Schaap pleaded guilty to having the girl transported across state lines into Michigan so he could have sex with her. Prosecutors said that the former pastor had tricked church members into bringing the girl to his cabin in Cadillac, Michigan because she was “in an extremely vulnerable state” and needed to spend extended time alone with him.

He also allegedly had sex with the girl at his property in Crete, Illinois and at his office at the megachurch.

Letters provided by prosecutors showed that Schaap told his victim that he wanted to put her on a “better path of living — that’s what we call Righteousness.”

“He told me to confide in him, to trust him, and he made me feel safe and comfortable around him as a man of God,” the girl wrote in documents provided by the government. “[Schaap] preyed on that trust and my vulnerability.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jill Koster defended the government’s request that Schaap only receive a 10-year sentence by pointing out that he had agreed to plead guilty before the charges had even been filed.

Sick.  Sick.  Sick.  ‘By their fruits you shall know them’.  Hence, Mr Schaap is known to one and all by his own admission a pedophile.   May he enjoy prison accordingly.

A Man Has Been Shot to Death at Creflo Dollar’s ‘Church’

Dr. Creflo A. Dollar

Fulton County police are investigating after a man was fatally shot inside a famed megachurch in College Park. The shooting broke out around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at World Changers Church International, led by televangelist Creflo Dollar. The victim was sent to South Fulton Hospital in critical condition but later died, according to police sources.

No motive has yet been offered for this heinous and barbaric act.

More Mega-‘Church’ Depravity

If it isn’t the Boy Scouts or the Vatican covering up the depraved molestation of predator pedophiles it’s the mega-‘church’ miscreants.

A 17,000-member megachurch deep in Oklahoma’s Bible Belt has been rattled by allegations that five employees waited two weeks to report the rape of a 13-year-old girl in a campus stairwell, allegedly by a church worker.  Tulsa police say the girl is among at least three victims of alleged sex crimes by two former employees of Victory Christian Center who face criminal charges. A child crimes investigator says more victims could surface as police continue to investigate. Authorities, however, fear some in the large, tight-knit south Tulsa congregation may choose to pray about the allegations rather than provide concrete evidence.  Police said this week that the worldwide ministry’s pastor and co-founder, Sharon Daugherty, whose daily broadcasts are beamed via satellite to more than 200 countries, knew about the abuse allegations but trusted ministry employees to follow in-house policies on reporting such incidents.

That’s proof that the pseudo-christians attending pseudo-churches know nothing, absolutely nothing of ethics or morality and thus nothing of true Christian faith and practice.  This cult, and that’s what it is, decided its precious reputation mattered more than the abused and molested.  Hell opens wide its mouth for such people and places.  [HT Joel Watts on FB].

More Megachurch Misconduct

The First Baptist Church of Hammond has dismissed Jack Schaap as its pastor in the wake of a Lake County police investigation.  A press release issued Tuesday afternoon states Schaap committed “a sin that has caused him to forfeit his right to be our pastor.” The release states church representatives are cooperating with police in the matter.  Sheriff John Buncich said Tuesday afternoon, his department began a criminal investigation Tuesday morning after talking with high-ranking church representatives.  The sheriff said the investigation involves the church and Hyles Anderson College, which is operated by the church.  He declined to identify the target’s name or the investigation’s subject matter.  “The impact its going to make is that everybody is searching for leadership. Its shakes your faith a little bit.

CBS reports that the sin was an inappropriate relationship with a girl.  The police haven’t released the girls age but she has to be a minor or the police wouldn’t be involved in an investigation. They don’t investigate marital infidelity when both parties are adults.  There isn’t sufficient manpower to do so even if it were a crime.

The announcement comes 19 years after the church was rocked by the conviction of a deacon, A.V. Ballenger, for fondling a 7-year-old girl in the summer of 1991 in her Sunday school class.

Sick and sad and counterproductive and evil.  I feel bad for the church.  Not, however, the ‘Pastor’ who has indeed forfeited his office.

A Theological Explanation for the ‘Success’ of Mega-Churches and their False Teachers

From Letter of Marque

According to scripture, they’re not successful because they’ve tapped into the latest movement of the Spirit, or because their on the cutting edge of revival or because they’ve found a way to communicate the timeless truths of scripture in fresh relevant ways. Nope. Here’s what God says: “Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. They are from the world; therefore they speak from the world, and the world listens to them. We are from God. Whoever knows God listens to us; whoever is not from God does not listen to us. By this we know the Spirit of truth and the spirit of error.” (1 John 4:4–6).

There’s more that’s very much worth considering. I find this argument much more scriptural and much more theologically adept and accurate (mutatis mutandis) than the claims of the defenders of the mega churches and their ‘pastors’ who are, sadly, less informed than they imagine themselves to be.

Mega-Churches: A Parable

Shortly after he departed from cleansing the Temple Jesus was asked, ‘Lord, why are there Churches so large?’  And Jesus answered, saying

The kingdoms of the mega-churches can be likened to obese men sitting at table.  They  look around at all the bounty spread before them and they say to themselves: I know what’s best for me and what I desire, so I will fill my belly to the full and luxuriate in my immenseness.  Meanwhile, around them at the table are the small and underfed and yet because their interest is only in themselves, they don’t see them nor consider them.’

Afterwards the disciples approached and said ‘Don’t you know that you offended the gluttonous resource hogs with your words?’

Jesus replied, ‘The mega churches are like the obese man who only cares for himself.  Instead of ministry they are concerned strictly for the resources they can consume – resources material and human.

A day will come, I tell you, when these assemblies will be known far and wide and they will heap up for themselves teachers who tickle their ears.  But I have warned you beforehand, flee greed, even when it appears in spiritual guise and even when it couches itself in high sounding well intentioned evangelistic terminology.  They appear to be beautiful on the outside, but within they are filled with the bones of the dead.  Let him who has ears to hear, hear.’   (1 Truth 1:1-5).

Answering Your Letters

Shortly after the previous post, this arrived:

Dear Jim,

First, let me thank you for your blog. I love it. I do have a question. What is your definition of a mega church?

Thank You,

Hi Duane,

That’s actually an easy question to answer- a mega-church is any church which is so large that the Pastor doesn’t know the names of every person who regularly attends.  Such Pastors aren’t truly pastors – they are merely functionaries, public speakers.  Pastors know their flock just as shepherds know their sheep.  It is no accident at all that the early Church seized on the analogy of the Pastor as shepherd.

For that reason a church which is so big that the Pastor can’t or doesn’t know those who come is no longer a Church as such but a group, an ‘audience’, nothing more.

With all best wishes,


The Mega-Church Scam

I’m glad the government is looking into the doings of these thieves.

Ephren Taylor stepped into the pulpit with the ease of preacher’s son, taking the microphone at the New Birth Baptist Church in Atlanta, where the powerful pastor Eddie Long was introducing him to the Sunday morning crowd. “Everything he says is based on the word of God,” Long pledged to the members of his megachurch. But Taylor wasn’t a visiting minister. He was a financial adviser, one who claimed to have made his first million before he turned 18. And he promised he could do the same for his fellow Christians.

Nothing Long says is based on Scripture, why should anything one of his thieving cohorts says be either?

But according to the Securities and Exchange Commission, what Taylor was actually peddling was a giant Ponzi scheme, one aimed to “swindle over $11 million, primarily from African-American churchgoers,” that reached into churches nationwide, from Long’s megachurch in Atlanta to Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church congregation in Houston. But Taylor has disappeared, hiding out from lawsuits, federal charges and angry, mostly African-American, investors in at least 40 states.

Mega church attendees are, like their Pastors, in it for what they can get from it. Or to put it bluntly, you can’t scam the honest, you can only scam the greedy.  Were ‘investors’ not wanting easy money, they wouldn’t be duped.  The scammer and the scammed are equally guilty.

More Mega-Church Pseudo-Christianity: NewSpring Church

NewSpring Church, a five campus megachurch in Anderson, S.C., is canceling its Sunday night services due to the Super Bowl this weekend. Lead Pastor Perry Noble explained the reason in his blog. “I’ve been in church work for over 20 years and the one thing I can say is that attendance on Super Bowl Sunday night in church has always been awful! (and…the people who are there are pretending to be looking at youversion on their phone…but they are really checking the score of the game!),” he wrote.

So he’s canceled- teaching his entire congregation and the watching world that as far as he’s concerned, Christianity should surrender to culture and lay down, play dead, and never schedule anything that might draw the poor hapless ‘Christian’ away from some sporting event or party.

But that’s not Christianity. Christianity stands strongly enough that’ the gates of hell will not prevail against it’. Not even if hell is dressed up like a ball game.

NewSpring, just shut your doors. You aren’t a church- you’re a social club.

The Bankrupt Crystal Cathedral Needs Money- For a Limo…

Some members of a bankrupt Orange County, Calif. megachurch are expressing outrage after fielding an email request for congregants to deliver food to waiting limos so that it can ferried to the founder’s sick wife. The appeal comes weeks after a lawsuit charged that the founder of the Crystal Cathedral house of worship, Rev. Robert Schuller, and his family had been paying themselves lavish salaries and other benefits while the church was in financial straits.

“They’ve completely depleted the church’s funds,” one member, Bob Canfield, told the Orange County Register. “But they have shown that they have absolutely no remorse for what they’ve done. They’re still being chauffeured around in limos. We, the congregants, have nothing.”

An email sent recently by Crystal Cathedral administrators said that Schuller and his wife, Arvella, “would appreciate meals over the next three to four weeks.” It added: “They are to be sent to the church in order to be transported to Arvella. The limo drivers could pick up the dinners or meet in the Tower Lobby around 4:30 p.m.”

The Schuller’s…. what a disgrace to the Gospel they are.  Disgusting.  Via Steve Brenmer on G+.

How To Turn Your Church into a Mega

Want to be in a Mega-Church? Want to start one? Want to know how to function like a Mega-Church? Here are 666 ways. (Ooops my 6 key stuck, sorry, I meant: 6 ways.)

1. Insist on a lack of specificity. Can we be honest here? The more specific you are with doctrine, the more detailed your statement of faith – the more likely you will make some uncomfortable or confused. Solution? Be very VERY general. For instance, under “Beliefs” use a small list. Maybe four items. (1) We believe in God (2) We love Jesus (3) People are important (4) We have no expectations. Now I ask you, how can you lose with that? That would barely offend an ACLU lawyer.

2. Sing a LOT of songs and have talented, professional quality musicians and singers. Sing a LOT of songs. Don’t sing the old dirge hymns, sing things that are peppy and fast. Sing a LOT of songs. Don’t emphasize doctrinal content like the old hymns, make the songs subjective. “Oh I love love love God, yes I do do do.” Lots of repetition, no big words, no big concepts. And did I mention? Sing a LOT of songs.

3. Image is everything. Make sure your preacher, or team of preachers look young, hip and are dressed in a youth-approved style. Encourage them to wander across the stage, microphone in hand, quick with a joke and clever one-liners…and above all make sure EVERYTHING is calculated to entertain.

4. Don’t mention sin. You can joke about it a little. You can name sins (if you must) that most of your congregation is unlikely to have ongoing problems with. (Abortion, etc.) But by no means teach or preach about jealousy, lust or pride. WAY too close to home and care MUST be taken to not offend.

5. Remember people in a mega-church enjoy their anonymity. It’s nice to not have a snoopy pastor, or body of elders knowing too much about you. It’s just plain pleasant to be a face in the crowd. Above all else, you must respect the complete privacy of attendees.

6. Whatever you do….do not confront, challenge or in any way make anyone uncomfortable. Church discipline is abusive, and a relic of a much darker era. Just “live and let live.” You know, like the Bible teaches.(l Seeker 3:15).

– D.R. Leach  [HT Michael Acidri]

‘Bishop’ Eddie Long is About to Be Exposed…

By one of his accusers in a ‘tell-all’ book that will doubtless provide the silly people foolish enough to buy it more than enough grist for the depravity mill.

Centino Kemp, the fifth accuser in the Bishop Eddie Long sex scandal, has written a book about his affair with the megachurch pastor, titling the work The First Lady. The book is co-authored by T. Benson Glover.

Listen up, people, if you’re going to spend money on books, buy books that are worthwhile, not filth about filth. If you buy it,

That Dead Megachurch Pastor: They Found Drugs

Because 40 something’s don’t generally just drop over dead,

The Florida megachurch pastor discovered dead in a Times Square hotel room was found with a white powdery substance believed to be narcotics, police sources have told several newspapers. Zachery Tims, founder of Orlando’s 8,000-member New Destiny Christian Center, was discovered by hotel workmen lying on his back between the bedroom and living area of his Manhattan room. A glassine envelope of white powder was found in the pocket of the shorts he was wearing, a source told the Wall Street Journal. Police are awaiting autopsy results and tests on the powder. There were no signs of trauma on the body of the 42-year-old pastor, and no indications of a robbery, according to police.

It seems he turned back to his old ways.  He was, before his megachurch pastoring, a drug addict.  Sad.