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Nihil salvum esse potest, donec rabies. – John Calvin

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Calvin Knew Something The Emergents, the Seeker Sensitives, and the Mega-Churches Will Never Know…

Those who are strong only in fervor and sharpness, but are not fortified with solid doctrine, weary themselves in their vigorous efforts, make a great noise, rave, [and] make no headway because they build without a foundation.  — John Calvin

Written by Jim

23 Jun 2017 at 3:23 pm

How to Start Your Own Successful Mega-Church

Step by step:

1- Lie to people and tell them you’re a Christian.

2- Convince gullible old women to mortgage their homes and donate the money to your ‘ministry’.

3- Surround yourself with ‘christians’ who know less about the bible, church history, and theology than you do.

4- Adopt shady and manipulative strategies to ‘grow’ your ‘church’.

5- Do something extremely bizarre to garner public attention, like have live animals in the service or cancel worship for the Super Bowl or Christmas or have a ‘rasslin’ match on the altar.  Anything at all that has absolutely nothing to do with Christianity will work here.

6- Toss out the Bible and start talking about the Spirit’s speaking to you directly and without the medium of Scripture.

And finally

7- Insist on your congregation’s unswerving and unquestioning allegiance.

If you follow those 7 steps, you will have a mega ‘church’.  There are no mega-churches outside of these 7 steps.

Written by Jim

18 Sep 2011 at 1:57 pm

How Big is Yours? The BEST Critique of the Mega-Church Madness I Have Ever Read

Again, as though this could be said too often, this is the very best critique of the madness of big churchiness I have ever read.  You must read it.  You must.  William has slammed the nail with not a hammer, and not a sledgehammer, but a planet sized hammer.

We have been seduced by a lie. Instead of ‘growing’ the church, we have instead completely undermined Jesus’ purpose for the church.  I would like to suggest, however, that in thinking and behaving this way, we have utterly missed what Jesus and the Apostles and the New Testament means when it talks about church.

We have been seduced by a lie if we believe church means anything at all that the modern mega church madness suggests it means.

Read Bill’s whole piece.  Please.

Written by Jim

13 May 2010 at 6:51 pm

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