Promiscuity Reigns

Mark Easton of the BBC tweets

17% men & 24% women say they’ve had only one sexual partner. 27% men and 13% women say over ten. Average bloke has 9.3 NHS survey finds.

That means that of the people surveyed, 83% of males are promiscuous (having more than one partner) and 76% of women are as well.  Worse still, the promiscuous behavior of many isn’t restricted to two partners.  Alas, the average male has more than 9 different sexual partners.

That’s unfortunate.  No wonder these girls don’t know who the baby-daddy is.  Sadder still the fact that people have reduced themselves to nothing more than depositors and receptacles.  They’ve turned the gift of sex into a mere biological function like urination or defecation.  Which is why they’re able to treat other people like crap.