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More Proof That the Media Just Doesn’t Understand Christianity

It’s Easter weekend. Naturally the news shows are lining up their Sunday guests and what a list they’ve put together.  According to Rachel Zoll on twitter-

NY Cardinal Dolan will be on `Face the Nation;’ Rick & Kay Warren will be on `This Week;” and Franklin Graham is showing up on `CBS Sunday Morning.’

These three represent Christianity in the same way that Marcion represents second century orthodoxy.  Can’t the networks do better?  Don’t they know anyone they could ask?  Have they no contacts in the theological world?  Or do they just feed the fame machine and pander to the ignorant?

Come on media, ask around.  There are better.  Way better.

How to be a Heretic: Step One- Abandon the Canon and Choose Your Own

Markion of Sinope

Marcion, or You

Many of you are already well on your way to being full blown heretics but some of you are struggling with a methodology.  So I’m here to help [hasten you on your way to complete disfellowship with authentic Christianity].

Naturally, then, just like that vile filth known to history as Marcion, the very first thing you’ll want to do is toss out the canon and pick and choose, and yes, even vote, on your favorite biblical texts.  Then, like Jefferson, you can just cut out what you disapprove of or like the idiotic angry atheists and John Spong, you can just pretend that the rest doesn’t exist.

Be sure to discard anything that makes you think, makes you uncomfortable, or makes you question your own viewpoint.  What you want with your newly selected canon is something that will make you feel better about yourself and your half baked nonsensical self induced stupidity.  Your having pondered eternity for 10 minutes must most certainly trump the collective wisdom of generations of devoted believers.

You know you really want to walk the path of unbelief and heresy, so, go now, and make your own canon.  It’s the first essential step to eternal damnation.