Goings On at Gath: Photos From Louise Hitchcock

Louise is working at Gath, looking, one presumes, for Goliath’s cereal bowl.  Until she finds that, she’s digging up some other cool stuff (along of course with the rest of the good folk there led by the inestimably gifted Aren Maeir) and she’s given permission for me to pass along the photos she’s posting on her FB page.  I’m especially impressed with the bull.  That’s nice stuff:

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Calling Someone a Philistine Is Really a Compliment

Philistine Bichrome pottery vessel
Philistine Bichrome pottery vessel

The Philistines were really amazingly cultured, as the excavation at Gath (and elsewhere) has shown.  This reminder of that simple fact provoked by the appearance of a paper by Louise Hitchcock titled ‘Who Are you Calling a Philistine?‘  You’ll, I think, enjoy it.

[Though it has to be said that we would all enjoy it more if there were an announcement of the discovery of Goliath’s spoon].

Congratulations to Louise Hitchcock!

Aren reports

… my good friend, colleague, team member and research partner, Louise Hitchcock, of the University of Melbourne, who [has]  just notified me that she has been awarded the rank of Associate Professor!  Well done and without a question well-deserved!  Or in the “down under” lingo: Hey Mate! Good onya! Sink a pint!

I concur, congrats, Louise!