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Logos, A Little Help, Please

I need some assistance from the ‘folk in the know’ and I feel fairly confident that ‘where one has a question, others do too’.  So, here’s my issue: Making a reading plan in Logos 5 is as easy as pie (and I love, love, love the program).  I select ‘reading plan’ and then I choose …

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So, Something Else to Love About Logos 5

While working with the LXX I discovered something of an anomaly, which I mentioned here.  Rick Brannan read the post and commented- Ken’s got it right. “LXXALT” represents the alternate versions of texts in Rahlfs; Isaiah has no separate alternate version. The interlinear would be the better choice for a word at present. That, or …

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More on Logos 5: Reading Plans

Earlier versions of Logos also allowed users to construct their own ‘reading plans’ but it’s a feature certainly worth highlighting once again.  Simply put, the ‘reading plan’ utility is one of my absolute favorite.  I’ve already constructed one to use to read the Hebrew Bible through in 2013 and one for the Greek New Testament …

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More on Logos 5: The Bibliography Tool

I have to say right from the start that this is one of the most useful features of the new version of Logos.  I’ll walk you through it, remarking along the way.  Mind you, there are probably other ways of doing it, but this is the methodology I followed: First, whilst reading in various of …

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More on Logos 5: ‘Bible Facts- Persons, Places and Things’

One of the features of Logos 5 is the ‘Bible Facts’ tool which allows users to look up persons, places or things.  Naturally what is included in searches depends on the programmers.  So, for example, if one wants to do a search for ‘sinners’ here’s what results: Here one discovers that the results are limited …

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More on Logos 5: Fonts

It may just be something going on with my machine or it may be something about Logos 5 and its compatibility with an already existing Lectionary, but I’ve noticed today that instead of whatever being displayed which should be displayed, I’ve got instead those horrifying little square boxes which indicate a font that isn’t working …

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More On Logos 5: The Timeline

I’ve been playing around with the ‘Timeline’ function (which I’ve found VERY useful).  But there are a couple of things you need to know:  first, if you type in something like BC 500-200 nothing will happen.  The screen will remain as is.  But if you type in something like 600-900 you’ll see this: In short, if …

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Again, Concerning Logos 5 – What’s New?

I suppose the best way to discover what’s new in the latest incarnation of Logos is to let the developers tell you themselves. I think it fairly important to know just what the differences between Logos 4 and Logos 5 are before one considers either an upgrade or a new acquisition. After all, if screen …

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Logos 5: Preliminary Observations

Logos 5 has arrived courtesy the fine folk at Logos.  The resources in the package sent me are so massive and so extensive* that over the course of the next weeks I’ll be posting observations and remarks as I work my way through them. For now, first, a word on the download:  it took a …

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