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Sure, Get The Asian Guy To Set Up Your Electronic Device… When Racism Paid Off

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Good heavens those militants are idiots, aren’t they.

A Japanese journalist held hostage in Afghanistan for five months managed to send out a message via Twitter that he was alive when his captors asked him how to use a cell phone. Just days before he was freed, Kosuke Tsuneoka said one of the militants brought him his new cell phone and asked the prisoner to set it up. The younger militants were more interested in accessing Al-Jazeera on the phone, but Tsuneoka managed to shift their attention to Twitter, successfully getting them to ask him to demonstrate how it worked. “That’s how I got the message out,” Tsuneoka told a news conference in Tokyo on Tuesday, a day after he arrived safely back in Japan. “I’m sure they never thought they were tricked.”

Their idiocy and racism worked against them. Well done, Kosuke, well done indeed sir.

The moral? Always try to be kidnapped with an Asian guy. Your feckless captors will have him show them how to use their cell phones and you’ll be freed.