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NPR’s Vivian Schiller Resigns!

I suppose she’s had enough of the right wing barrage of unending attacks.  A person can only take so much and then they either leave or snap.

National Public Radio CEO Vivian Schiller resigned Wednesday, according to the organization’s website. This comes the day after tape was released of an NPR senior executive slamming the tea party and saying NPR would be better off without federal funding.

Ever since the Juan Williams debacle NPR has been under fire from the Limbaugh-ites of America. It’s sad too because NPR, unlike Fox, actually reports the news and doesn’t parrot the Republican right’s ideology.

NPR Apologizes

NPR President Vivian Schiller apologized on Sunday for the network’s handling of the Juan Williams controversy. In a statement which was released Sunday, and was first seen by Politico, Schiller stood by the decision to fire Williams for his comments about Muslims on Fox News. But she apologized for NPR’s hasty response to the controversy surrounding his remarks: “I regret that we did not take the time to prepare our program partners and provide you with the tools to cope with the fallout from this episode…the process that followed the decision was unfortunate – including not meeting with Juan Williams in person – and I take full responsibility for that.” Schiller also wrote, however, that the ultimate decision was the right one.

If it was the right decision, why apologize? They may have gone about it the ‘wrong’ way (is there really a right way to fire people?) but if the decision itself was sound, there’s nothing to apologize for.

There’s such spinelessness these days and so few really willing to make tough decisions and then say ‘that’s what I’ve done and I’m not apologizing for doing what’s right’.  Stand up and stand by your decisions or please just do nothing.  All this whimpering is annoying.

Why’s Juan Whining?

Juan Williams’ firing from NPR has stirred up some pretty strange whining on the part of Williams, who now seems to think that he wasn’t fired for his off the cuff remarks about Muslims on planes, but because NPR didn’t like the fact that he commentated for Fox News.

In the past I’ve admired Williams’ work, but honestly, now he’s just become a whiner.  He’s acting like a guy who got dumped by a girl and so feels like he has to disrespect her because of her decision.

Dude, ya got fired.  Ya got dumped.  Get over it and move on.  It’s not like you’re suffering.  Fox has rewarded you with a multi million dollar contract.  Unless, that is, the contract includes a ‘complain about the liberal media’ clause (which it probably does).  After all, Fox isn’t about news, it’s about Faux-ness.  And nothing’s faux-er than a rich guy whining about being ditched.

NPR Gives Juan Williams the Boot

For, apparently, making some ‘inappropriate’ comments about Muslims on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’.

I have mixed feelings about this.  First, having heard his remarks on NPR this morning when the story was reported, he did say something pretty silly about being on a plane and seeing Muslims and being nervous because of their presence.  And his regular participation on Fox News always strikes me as odd.  But second, he’s very insightful and very, very intelligent and obviously knows his stuff.  Should people be fired for silly remarks?  If so, God help us all.

Read the remarks for yourself.  As the chap over there observes

Just a reminder but NPR didn’t fire a cartoonist who insulted tea party attendees. Apparently that kind of thinking is consistent with their editorial standards and practices. I’m sure in the coming days people will dig up plenty examples of NPR reporters insulting Christians, America and other groups but not losing their jobs over it. As always, it’s just one group that gets super-protected status and it just happens to be the one that is so peaceful, they will kill you for insulting them.

Lucky for him, he doesn’t work for NPR.  Or he wouldn’t be much longer.  NPR has made some really bizarre decisions lately.  First telling reporters and employees not to attend the Jon Stewart rally and now this?  What’s going on with you, NPR?