Dom Crossan: Paul and Women

Dom Crossan

John Dominic Crossan has an essay in the HuffPo which is worth reading on the subject of Paul’s ‘real’ attitude towards women.  At least the HuffPo has sought out actual scholars and isn’t leaving the subject of biblical interpretation to the blathering dilettantes as they have done in the past.

Those who are familiar with Crossan’s work, or even Pauline studies, won’t find anything new.  But the general public may learn something.

Jesus: The Cold Case – Deserving of a Dilly?

Another tv ‘special’ by some guy who lacks any real knowledge of the subject, as Deane shows plainly, is set to air in NZ on Sunday. I especially appreciate Deane’s observation-

… the list of biblical scholars demonstrates Bruce’s lack of knowledge of the field, his reliance on other people’s scholarship, and lack of first-hand knowledge of scholarship. Where are the current and most recent experts on the issue: Maurice Casey? Dale Allison? Roger Aus? They are nowhere to be seen, although they are obvious choices for anybody reasonably informed on current scholarship.

I’m kind of glad I’m not in NZ so I don’t have to watch.

Jesus: The Cold Case - New Doco on Who Killed Jesus This Sunday, 24 July 2011, at 8:30pm, Bryan Bruce will try to find out who killed Jesus, in a television documentary to be screened on New Zealand’s TV1. The documentary is one in an ongoing series in which Bruce examines old unsolved murders, and attempts to solve them … but with the twist that, here, the cadaver is 2000 years old … Read More

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John Dominic Crossan’s ‘blasphemous’ Portrait of Jesus (via Faith in Hand)

I actually like Dom Crossan. He’s a provocative writer who makes you think. And he’s as different from people like Ehrman as night is different from day.

He’s very personable, very friendly, and really is a Christian who’s trying to ask questions that sensible non christians are looking to answer as well.  He’s not always right, but then who is?

I think he’s a benefit to the Church.

John Dominic Crossan's 'blasphemous' Portrait of Jesus John Dominic Crossan really isn’t a favourite scholar of mine, at all, especially with that ridiculous and deleterious Jesus Seminar thing. But as anyone who has studied the Historical Jesus knows, you will at some point cross his path: … Crossan believes the public should be exposed to even the most divisive debates that scholars have had about Jesus and the Bible. He co-founded the Jesus Seminar, a controversial group of scholars who hold pub … Read More

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