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For the First Time Online: Joel Watts’ Baby Picture…

yes, those are his real ears… Joel was born a bat.  And a dog was behind him.  Yes, really…..  [no, not really]

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Why I Respect, Admire, and Love Joel Watts

Joel and I like to tease each other, poke fun at each other, and generally harass each other.  He’s, in sum, a friend.  But he’s more than a friend, he’s a mature adult who is capable of remaining a friend … Continue reading

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Thanks, Joel

Joel Watts has sent a copy of his new book on Mimes.  Thanks buddy!  😉    (It’s a good book- I read it in draft some time back.  But don’t tell Joel I said something complimentary- his world would implode).

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Everyone Attending SBL Will Get, For Free, This Fantastic Tattoo!

Because once you leave Chicago (if you survive the gangbangers) you really will have no ‘regerts’. [Tattooing provided by Joel Watts].

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My Friends are Horrible People… Just Sayin’

From the twitter- And as nice as I am to them…  Friends… you can’t live with ’em (cause they’re too far away) and ya can’t kill ’em (because that would be unethical… I think… maybe…). But the real question here … Continue reading

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If Biblioblogs Had Movie Titles… An Observation

If biblioblogs had movie titles… the titles of the blogs authored by the people below would be- Joel Watts: The Expendables. Mark Goodacre: The Godfather. Near Emmaus: 12 Angry Men. James McGrath: Fight Club. Chris Tilling: Forest Gump. Aren Maier: … Continue reading

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Why Has Joel Watts Been so Quiet?

Some say that it’s because he’s been moving.  But I have proof of what he’s really been up to.  He’s been in Sweden, pretending to be Superman, and inebriated to the max. via The Local on FB Stop drinking, Joel. … Continue reading

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John Calvin’s Letter to de Falais About Joel Watts

I know, you don’t believe me. But here it is. Look it up for yourself. Calvin wrote the letter which contains these lines on 14 October, 1543- I understand very well the difficulty in which you are placed if you … Continue reading

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Come on ABC, Surely You Can Spell

ABC news just tweeted a bit ago- Is Joel working for ABC now?

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Don’t Let Joel Watts Babysit Your Children…

Here’s how he does it!

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It’s That Time: The SBL Annual Meeting ‘Call For Papers’

2012 ANNUAL MEETING Call for Papers Call for Papers Open: 2/8/2012 Call for Papers Closed: 3/1/2012 The SBL needs your papers. We’ve got to have something to do when the exhibit hall is closed and the receptions haven’t begun! Get … Continue reading

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Joel Watts and I After a Bieber Concert

via David McNelly

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Joel Watts is a Methodist

So how does he prepare for worship?  Behold, the horror- Methodism: Men wearing dresses since 1848.

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It’s Joel Watt’s Birthday, So He’s Trying for his Driver’s License, Again…

Unfortunately he’s not been very successful before so maybe he can manage it this time… An unlucky learner driver has managed to fail his theory test 92 times. The 28 56 year-old man from Leicester West Virginia has spent £ … Continue reading

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Someone Killed Twitter. Was it Joel?

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Why Do I Wish There Were Such an App?

Here’s why.

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How They Get Here: The Weird Person in India Edition

Over at Academia.edu they list the search terms folk have used to land on your profile.  Apparently, someone in India is interested in US ladies named Jim… Sorry to disappoint, Indian person.  I think you’re looking for Joel.  It’s an … Continue reading

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The Unholy Triumvirate Prepares for SBL 2011

They’re packing their bags and their flea-powder and if you’re walking the book aisles and see them, you’ll surely recognize them thanks to this undoctored unretouched photo: And don’t worry, their bark is worse than their overbite.

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The Continuing Paganization of the Land Down Under

As Joel ‘the vacationing’ Watts informs us (quoting some Aussie paper or other) Australia is to remove the birth of Jesus as a reference point for dates in school history books.  Under the new politically correct curriculum, the terms BC … Continue reading

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Since Joel is On Vacation…

We sneaked over to his house and took a picture of his yard!  Note the ‘spelling’ on the signs!  Classic, Joel, classic!

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