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Joe Zias: The Harvest Show

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It’s Nice to See the BBC Catching Up to What we All Knew Months Ago

The BBC is reporting that the ‘lead codices’ are of doubtful authenticity! Ya don’t say… But then the essay goes on to describe, in fine fashion, the very questionable nature of so many ridiculous claims. It even includes remarks by our own Joe Zias- Joe Zias, an anthropologist who served for 25 years as a …

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Jesus: The Cold Case – Deserving of a Dilly?

Another tv ‘special’ by some guy who lacks any real knowledge of the subject, as Deane shows plainly, is set to air in NZ on Sunday. I especially appreciate Deane’s observation- … the list of biblical scholars demonstrates Bruce’s lack of knowledge of the field, his reliance on other people’s scholarship, and lack of first-hand …

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