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The Petition Continues- Add Your Support…

Even if you agree with the notion that lawsuits are a legitimate means to settle disputes, I hope you’ll consider the effects on scholarship if film-makers like Mr Jacobovici sue persons who disagree with their conclusions. First they came for Joe Zias because he criticized Simcha’s work and next they’ll come for you when you write a review of a book that doesn’t please its author or its publisher.

You can sign the petition urging Simcha to drop his suit here (where you can also see the list of signatories).

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Forty Have So Far: The Petition Calling on Simcha to Set Aside his Suit

As of this morning 40 persons from around the world have joined in, calling on Mr Jacobovici to drop his suit against Mr Zias.  There’s still time if you’d care to lend your voice.  Just go here for the details and the petition link.

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A Petition Calling on Simcha Jacobovici to Drop His Suit Against Joe Zias

Please, if you’re so inclined, add your voice to those asking Mr Jacobovici to drop his suit against Joe Zias.  Here’s why Simcha’s being asked to do so:

1- Because suing persons with whom one disagrees over ideological matters and scholarly issues is inappropriate.

2- Because Joe Zias certainly isn’t the only person to object to Mr Jacobovici’s various ‘findings’ and thus shouldn’t be singled out in what for all appearances looks to be a simple vendetta.

3- And though we certainly understand that every person is free to travel legal avenues to redress wrongs, we feel that this suit simply harms the field of academic research and may stifle dissident voices to variant theories.

4- If successful, Mr. Jacobovici’s (who according to all accounts is a humorous and engaging person) action may inadvertently choke out dissident voices by means of monetary threatenings and academics simply cannot sit by and allow that chilling effect on scholarship to take place.

Signatories as of  12:16 p.m., Feb. 10th, 2012:

Jim West Petros TN 37845 United States
Oded Lipschits Tel Aviv 69978 Israel
Yuval Goren Tel Aviv 69978 Israel
Antonio Lombatti parma 43125 Italy
Emanuel Pfoh La Plata 1900 Argentina
Thomas L. Thompson Copenhagen Denmark
Travis Kolber Hod Hasharon 45201 Israel
David Willner Efrat 90435 Israel
Loren Crow Eugene OR 97401 United States
james m nordlund Fargo ND 58102 United States
Rochelle Altman Arad 89000 Israel
Carol Ann Bernheim Jerusalem 91080 Israel
Hani Davis Jerusalem 92302 Israel
Thomas Verenna Easton PA 18042 United States
Mark Goodacre Durham NC 27708-0964 United States
Niels Peter Lemche Copenhagen 1150 København Denmark
Shaul Porrat Jerusalem 9672 Israel
Oded Borowski Decatur GA 30033 United States
Robert Dietel Everett WA 98201 United States
Matthew Collins Lilburn GA 30047 United States
Nancy Ainsworth Shelburne VT 5482 United States
Claude Vigneau, Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada
Peter Wong Fanling Hong Kong
Zachary Wong Hong Kong L4c 8t1 Hong Kong
Yvonne Ip Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong
Ho Chit Lun / Hong Kong Hong Kong
Alan Chan Hong Kong Hong Kong
Zev Radovan Jerusalem 93108 Israel
Piers Mitchell Cambridge CB2 1QH United Kingdom
sam tsang NT Hong Kong
Murphy Yeung HONG KONG Hong Kong
Anderson Chan Kowloon Hong Kong
Victoria Wong hong kong Hong Kong
Ada Lui NT 852 Hong Kong
Kennie Kam Yen Yin Mansion Jordan Hk Hong Kong
Jack Kilmon Houston TX 77090 United States
Frances Oppenheimer Jerusalem 97277 Israel
Addi Baker Melle 49326 Germany
Carmen Yau Hong Kong 852 Hong Kong
Prof. Donald Ortner Washington DC 20013-7012 United States
Phillip Davies Sheffield S7 1HL United Kingdom
Koon Pong Lau HKSAR 852 China
Steven Cox Salt Lake City UT 84119 United States
Robert Brenchley Birmingham B16 8JQ
Ed Wright Tucson Arizona 85721
Frank Strazzulla Rockwell North Carolina 28138 United States
John Granger Cook LaGrange Georgia 30240 United States


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Joe Zias: The Harvest Show

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It’s Nice to See the BBC Catching Up to What we All Knew Months Ago

The BBC is reporting that the ‘lead codices’ are of doubtful authenticity! Ya don’t say…

But then the essay goes on to describe, in fine fashion, the very questionable nature of so many ridiculous claims. It even includes remarks by our own Joe Zias-

Joe Zias, an anthropologist who served for 25 years as a senior curator at the Israel Antiquities Authority, is equally sceptical. The golden rule in archaeology, he says, is simple – when you hear extraordinary claims, ask for extraordinary proof. Mr Zias says the world of archaeology has changed since Hollywood gave us first Indiana Jones and then the Da Vinci code.


Joe Zias says the odds are always against any such finding turning out to change the way we look at ancient history as the Dead Sea Scrolls once did. He says he has seen many people bringing artefacts to his museum during his quarter-century as a curator, but the only genuine one was a fragment of Byzantine pottery found by a tourist on Mount Sinai. “It wasn’t going back to the time of Moses, but in 25 years that’s the only thing I ever saw that was authentic,” he says. Now there are those who believe – just as Mr Saeda does – that the Lead Codices are genuine and that they hold important secrets about the ancient world. But the search for truth in the Holy Land has been littered with fakes and forgeries for hundreds of years and when great claims are made for a new discovery, the burden of proof lies with the finders. And the burden is a heavy one.

The BBC may be slow, but when they finally get around to the topic they do a far better job than the Discovery Channel and the History Channel do!


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Jesus: The Cold Case – Deserving of a Dilly?

Another tv ‘special’ by some guy who lacks any real knowledge of the subject, as Deane shows plainly, is set to air in NZ on Sunday. I especially appreciate Deane’s observation-

… the list of biblical scholars demonstrates Bruce’s lack of knowledge of the field, his reliance on other people’s scholarship, and lack of first-hand knowledge of scholarship. Where are the current and most recent experts on the issue: Maurice Casey? Dale Allison? Roger Aus? They are nowhere to be seen, although they are obvious choices for anybody reasonably informed on current scholarship.

I’m kind of glad I’m not in NZ so I don’t have to watch.

Jesus: The Cold Case - New Doco on Who Killed Jesus This Sunday, 24 July 2011, at 8:30pm, Bryan Bruce will try to find out who killed Jesus, in a television documentary to be screened on New Zealand’s TV1. The documentary is one in an ongoing series in which Bruce examines old unsolved murders, and attempts to solve them … but with the twist that, here, the cadaver is 2000 years old … Read More

via Remnant of Giants

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