Well That Explains Why FedEx is So Poor at Service!

From our local news FB page-

A Fed Ex driver is arrested and accused of dealing drugs while on his delivery route. This comes after an investigation and undercover operation in Jellico. Chris Cole Dabney of Clinton was arrested Friday. The sheriff says Dabney admitted to selling prescription pain pills two or three times a week while on the clock. Also during the arrest a half a bottle of Oxycodone was found in the Fed Ex van along with a prescription bottle with some morphine. Investigators say the pills came from a pain clinic in Tennessee.

Explains a lot really- like why FedEx routes things from Indianapolis to Atlanta to Nashville to Chattanooga to Memphis to Knoxville…

Pray for the Jellico Miners

This breaking news on the local news-

News this hour of 4 miners trapped in the Jellico number one coal mine in Bell Co., KY. We are told the miners are trapped behind water inside the mine. Communications has been established with the trapped miners and emergency personel are talking to the miners every 15 minutes. None of the trapped miners are hurt. MSHA emergency responders are using 4 pumps to remove the water from the mine at this time.

If you’re the praying sort, please do.