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A Sciency Paper on the Patina on the James Ossuary and the Jehoash Inscription

A technique used to determine the authenticity of artifacts that compares the oxygen isotopic composition of speleothems to the carbonate included within the patina of unprovenanced artifacts is of questionable value. The unprovenanced Jehoash Inscription Tablet and James Ossuary are … Continue reading

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Elkington’s Claims Concerning the ‘Lead Codices’ Under Fire

If you’re following this strange sage of bogus artifacts peddled as the real deal, you must read this essay: David Elkington, from Gloucestershire, has raised tens of thousands of pounds to support his work proving the authenticity of the Jordan Codices. … Continue reading

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A Further Thought on the ‘King Papyrus’ (Or Jesus’ Wife Snippet or Whatever)

Lest we forget, scholars have been duped a number of times – falling for clever forgeries foisted off on them through ‘anonymous’ donors and ‘antiquities dealers’.  Remember the ‘Ivory Pomegranate’?  The ‘James Ossuary Inscription’?  The ‘Jehoash Inscription’?  The ‘Lead Codices’? … Continue reading

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The Folly of Dilettantism and the Unfortunate People Who Believe the Ignorant and Deceptive

via Oded Lipschits on FB It occurs to me that just as this piece occurred in some ridiculous pseudo-news rag like the National Enquirer or the Star so too should lots of the stuff bandied around these days.  The Talpiot … Continue reading

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Coming Thursday…

Matthew Kalman’s in depth report of the Trial of the Century in The Jerusalem Report.  Knowing Matthew, it will be top notch.

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Oded Golan Still Believes…

But of course he does.  Of course he does.  But it doesn’t matter what he believes because 1) he isn’t an archaeologist; 2) he isn’t a biblical scholar; and 3) he isn’t a theologian. Further, there are lots of tinfoil … Continue reading

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The ‘James Ossuary Trial’ – From the Perspective of the Danes

Er Jakobskisten, der nævner Jesus, alligevel ægte? That’s the question posed- and the essay commences I sidste uge faldt der dom i den retssag, der skulle afgøre, om Jakobskisten er et falskneri. Dommen lød: Ikke skyldig Foran rullende kameraer blev … Continue reading

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The Royal Ontario Museum Will Not Display the ‘James Ossuary’ Again

There will not be a 10th-anniversary showing of the James ossuary later this year at Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum.  “We’d need something new to say about [the ossuary],” said Dan Rahimi, the ROM’s vice-president of gallery development. “If we have … Continue reading

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Oded Golan’s Counterclaim

Golan, (or more likely one of his lawyers) writes, in counterclaim to Joe Zias’s insistence that Rahmani testified- An official IAA document entitled “Summary Report of the Work of the Committees Testing the Inscription Known as the Jehoash Tablet and … Continue reading

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Oded Golan, And Todd Bolen, and the Misrepresentation of Rahmani’s Reading of the ‘James Ossuary’ Inscription

Antonio Lombatti writes I asked L.Y. Rahmani’s opinion (via Joe Zias) on the inscription on the James ossuary, considering that the verdict will be issued next week. I did it, because I found out yesterday that he supported in court the authenticity … Continue reading

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Elliott and Kilty Respond to Lombatti on the ‘Talpiot Tomb’

They write We appreciate Antonio Lombatti’s reply. Here are our comments. The patina issue is crucial. Biblical scholars should allow the geologists to settle this. All we can say on the matter is that one of the scientist who testified … Continue reading

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New in Bible and Interpretation: Regarding Magness and Talpiot

Kilty and Elliott remark Jodi Magness has written an important work titled Stone and Dung, Oil and Spit: Jewish Daily Life in the Time of Jesus, which combines the study of texts and archaeology. It is a work that makes … Continue reading

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Breaking News: The James Ossuary

Its promoters are also promoting undergarments (the hat is extra).  Proceeds to benefit the ‘we’re going to prove the inscription genuine if its the last thing we do’ fund. Here’s the front view-

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The ‘James’ (Oh for the Love of God) ‘Ossuary’, Again….

Robert Eisenman anticipates the end (?!?!?!) of the trial of the century (Oded Golan et al) and rehashes what has been hashed so many times now that it’s been liquified and rendered inconsequential: the ‘James Ossuary’ thing… After a too … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Robert Deutsch

Dear Robert, I appreciated your comment the other day and I’d like to follow it up if I might, with something of a direct question to you. Since the ‘trial of the century’ is over and you’re free to express … Continue reading

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BAR’s Bias- Again

Since H. Shanks and B. Witherington are virtually the only two people on the planet who still insist that the inscription on the so called ‘James Ossuary’ is authentic it is unsurprising in the extreme that their ‘coverage’ of the … Continue reading

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Everything There is to Know About the James Ossuary Trial in One Place

And it’s all put together by Matthew Kalman, who has been covering the trial (he’s a journalist) since the very beginning.  The James Ossuary Trial Jerusalem is very much worth a read.

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Exclusive: The James Ossuary Trial is OVER

And the judge is considering a verdict. After 5 ridiculously long years, the trial of the century, which took almost that long, is over. The indictment leveled 44 charges of forgery, fraud and deception against Golan and 13 lesser counts … Continue reading

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