The IVP Pocket Reference App: My Review

I downloaded it today at the iTunes store (and yes, I paid for it.  At $1.99 it’s less than half a Frap at the Bucks so I don’t at all feel like I’ve overspent) and have been fiddling with it off and on since.  I like it.  It’s articles aren’t long, or overwhelming, or in any sense ‘thorough or complete’ (but how could they be when the topics treated are each worthy of book length monographs?!) but they are accurate and precise and there’s something to it when we say ‘brevity is the soul of wit’.

And though every conceivable person, place or thing in the history of theology isn’t included (there’s no mention of Melanchthon or Oecolampadius)  they do have most of the most well known.  So, there are entries on Barth and Brunner and Bultmann and Luther and Calvin (and Calvinism) and best of all, Zwingli.  There are also entries on theological topics from adiaphora to the wrath of God to total depravity!

Users can also send entries up to twitter or facebook or email them to folk as well as take notes and mark entries of particular interest or usefulness.

In short, it has a lot and considerably more than would be expected for $1.99.  It’s a steal; it’s a bargain; it’s ideal for anyone, layperson or pastor or student, interested in extending their own knowledge of theology.  You may even be consider it as a gift to send to friends for Christmas.  I’m pretty sure you can do that- though I have no idea how (yet I’m sure you do!).  They’ll be grateful and you will save a lot of money.   I really can recommend it most heartily, and so, I do.

Here’s a slideshow of a few screenshots I captured on my phone.

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