Things May Be Slightly Improved in Japan at the Reactor

I hope so anyway.

The situation at Japan’s tsunami-stricken nuclear plant is “very serious,” but at the moment it does not appear to be deteriorating, a senior official of the U.N. atomic agency said Thursday. As emergency workers frantically worked to regain control of the dangerously overheated nuclear complex, Graham Andrew told reporters “there had been no significant worsening” over the past 24 hours at the crippled plant. Andrew, a senior aide to International Atomic Energy Agency chief Yukiya Amano, emphasized that the situation could change quickly, either improving or escalating into a wider catastrophe.  “It hasn’t gotten worse, which is positive, But it is still possible that it could get worse,” he said. “We could say it’s reasonably stable at the moment compared to yesterday.”

They could sure use a bit of good news there.  Maybe they’ve turned the corner.

A Second Japanese Nuclear Power Plant is in Trouble.

The Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant - a plant that...

Al Arabiya reports just now

Excessive levels of radiation at a second Japanese nuclear facility after Friday’s earthquake have led authorities to report a state of emergency there, the UN nuclear agency said.  “Japanese authorities have informed the IAEA that the first or lowest state of emergency at the Onagawa nuclear power plant has been reported by Tohoku Electric Power Company,” the International Atomic Energy Agency said Sunday.  The alert was declared “as a consequence of radioactivity readings exceeding allowed levels in the area surrounding the plant. Japanese authorities are investigating the source of radiation,” the watchdog said in a statement.

Oh my.  Could it get worse for the Japanese?