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Pagan Paris Where Prayer is Prohibited

Starting today, praying in the streets of Paris is illegal, and Interior Minister Claude Gueant said the ban could soon be extended to the rest of France, particularly to Nice and Marseilles, where “the problem persists,” the Telegraph reports. The “problem” in this case being Muslim worshipers filling the streets during Friday prayers. Gueant says there are two roads in Paris’ Goutte d’Or district where “more than a thousand” people block the streets.

Muslims should be allowed to pray where they need to- as should anyone else.  If the French don’t complain when union strikers block the streets why should they when pray-ers do?

France isn’t secular- France is devoted to godlessness.  France worships at the altar of unbelief to the god of nothingness.

Israel’s Racism

In an unprecedented move, the Interior Ministry announced Tuesday that it intends on deporting a four-year-old girl, the daughter of a foreign worker, who was born and educated in Israel.   Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority on Tuesday arrested the girl and her mother, originally from the Philippines, who are currently in a holding facility in Ben-Gurion International Airport, ahead of their deportation from the country.  The four-year-old was born in Israel and since then has been attending to kindergartens in the Tel Aviv Municipality.

I hope the good and decent Israelis hit the streets for this in the same numbers that they hit the streets when it came to the question of housing!  How could they do otherwise?  This is an unspeakable immorality and the government should be brought to account for it.  It is gross racism of the worst kind.

With thanks to Antonio Lombatti for mentioning this great evil on FB.