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Pakistan Does Make US Look like Chumps

It’s true and as I’ve said for a good while, we need to dump the beggars.

Last week, Admiral Mike Mullen called out Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence agency “as the most adroit double-dealing profiteer from terrorism in the entire region,” Christopher Hitchens writes for Slate. Mullen accused Pakistan of orchestrating the attack on the US embassy in Kabul, and Hitchens believes him; after all, there’s no reason Mullen would lie about such a thing. “It makes us look like fools and suckers, which is what we have become.”

Exactly right.  Pakistan should be dumped.  We should side with India and let them pulverize the backwater as much as they like.  The Pakistanis have proven themselves the worst allies in the history of allies.  We’d be better off having Iran as an ally.   And I for one am sick of my tax dollars supporting these back-stabbers.

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