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Aww Isn’t That Precious- Atheists Want Atheist ‘Chaplains’ in the Military

NPR reports

Retired Army captain and Iraqi war veteran Jason Torpy says the chaplains employed by the U.S. military can’t relate to people like h

Bertrand Russell 1907

im. He’s an atheist.  He’s also the president of a group that’s trying to get the armed forces to become more inclusive by hiring atheist chaplains. The Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers wants the military to provide for the estimated 40,000 atheists, agnostics and humanists who serve in U.S. forces.

Aww.  Atheists want their unbelief to be treated like belief.  They want their anti-godliness dignified with their own set of ‘chaplains’.  Next thing you know, the pedophiles in prisons across the country will want their own pedophilistic chaplains too.

Nothing says absurdity like modern silly, angry atheism.  It wants religion out of public life at the same time it wants to be treated like a religion.  Idiots.

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Actually, Mark Driscoll has Already become the Glenn Beck of Evangelical Neo-fundamentalism.

Nice job, Bob. These maniacal heretics need to be exposed to the light of day.  But truth told, Driscoll’s lunacy isn’t the most disturbing part.  The most disturbing part is that there are SO MANY people willing to lap up his theological vomit.  That’s the truly disturbing thing.  But of course people prefer ignorance to truth and pseudo-Christianity to authentic faith.

You have absolutely got to be kidding me! Mark Driscoll is becoming the Glenn Beck of Evangelical Neo-fundamentalism. Scott has an excellent commentary on Driscoll’s latest diarrhea of the mouth. In sum, the words “delusional,” “bully,” “non-discerning,” “terrible scholar,” and “Mickey Mouse” are involved. Please allow me to add “nutjob.” (And I agree, Scott, methinks the Driscoll train is about to go off the rails.) It’s not enough to be a bully … Read More

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