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The Huffington Post Doesn’t Care About Teens Who Die- Unless They’re Gay

Have you ever noticed how the Huffington Post never mentions the tragic death of a teen unless that teen is gay?  Have you ever noticed how the editors of the HuffPo are interested only in capitalizing on the tragedies which befall gay kids?  Have you ever seen a HuffPost piece on the suicide of a young boy or girl who wasn’t gay?


This is indicative of the fact that the Huffington Post is purely driven by ideology.  Lambast Fox News all you like- it’s perfectly appropriate.  But unless ideology drives you more than concern for the young, you’ll also lambast the Huffington Post for its absolute disregard for all lives but gay lives.

Personally I am of the opinion that the death of ANY child is a horrific tragedy- especially when it’s by their own hand.  Gay or straight, all are lamentable.  The HuffPo clearly doesn’t have the same ethic of life.

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Sometimes The HuffPo Makes Me So Mad I Could Scream

Like today– when they just felt they had to post a story about young celebrities and their views on religion.  Why?  Because evidently in the mind of the editors of the HuffPo being a celebrity automatically qualifies people to pretend expertise and experience in matters they haven’t bothered to consider for more than 15 whole minutes.

The Biebs’ new tattoo and Demi’s Twitter spree got us wondering about which other favorite celebrities have strong religious or spiritual beliefs and practices. Although not all stars choose to express their faith through body art, countless celebrities have spoken out about their religious beliefs in other ways. Whether it’s tweeting about the role of religion in everyday life or discussing their meditation practices in magazine interviews, stars like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus make faith a priority in their lives. Here are 10 young celebrities that live their lives according to their own individual set of beliefs.

The HuffPo is just feeding the celeb worship so widespread in our tragically ill-informed (theologically) culture.  Celebs have as much business pontificating on religion as they do on quantum physics.  In fact, when the HuffPo starts asking the opinion of celebrities on matters scientific I’ll have a bit more respect for its ‘journalism’.  Till then, I’m only left to seethe in rage at the idiotic notion that celebrity kids are qualified to be the purveyors of religious truth in American society.

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