The Huffington Post Doesn’t Care About Teens Who Die- Unless They’re Gay

Have you ever noticed how the Huffington Post never mentions the tragic death of a teen unless that teen is gay?  Have you ever noticed how the editors of the HuffPo are interested only in capitalizing on the tragedies which befall gay kids?  Have you ever seen a HuffPost piece on the suicide of a young boy or girl who wasn’t gay?


This is indicative of the fact that the Huffington Post is purely driven by ideology.  Lambast Fox News all you like- it’s perfectly appropriate.  But unless ideology drives you more than concern for the young, you’ll also lambast the Huffington Post for its absolute disregard for all lives but gay lives.

Personally I am of the opinion that the death of ANY child is a horrific tragedy- especially when it’s by their own hand.  Gay or straight, all are lamentable.  The HuffPo clearly doesn’t have the same ethic of life.

The HuffPo and its Editors are Just Ignorant Hate Mongers

They absolutely love the kind of anti-Catholic drivel featured in their ignorant and silly pseudo-reporting.


The Catholic church isn’t a hate group and if the imbeciles at the HuffPo had half a scintilla of sense at all they would realize it and wouldn’t aid and abet the stupidest of groups which insist otherwise.

But since the HuffPo and its editors seem to believe that any anti-Catholic garbage is worth running, then they need to be reminded that they are by there doing demonstrating to the world that they are nothing other than a ‘journalistic’ version of Westboro not Baptist not Church.  That’s right- they are, in their own way, just as vile in their hate-speech spewing and bile spitting senselessness as the Westboro cult is.

As I said to the HuffPo- “how ignorant you are- how willing to pander to the silliest of ideas in your anti-catholic hatred. You’re shameless.”

The Huffington Post’s Love of Recycling their Own Stories and Misprision

Last October, on the 2nd to be exact, the HuffPo ran this story about a Church defaced by vandals.  I mentioned it here.  Today, the journalistic wizards at the HuffPo have run EXACTLY the same story with nary a word that the event took place in October and a dateline that shows the publication on today’s date.  Here’s a screenshot in case they move it or change it:


and here’s the screenshot from October


The question which naturally arises is, why is the HuffPo recycling this story by merely changing the headline?  What possible reason could the ‘editors’ there have for doing so?  And why haven’t they the integrity to note that the story is a redo from months ago?

The Huffington Post is nothing more than the liberal Fox News.  Neither are trustworthy, both are agenda driven, and both lack ‘journalistic integrity’.  Get your news from either and you’re not getting news- you’re getting propaganda.  If either outlet were honest or operated with a moral compass they would tell you so.

A Guest Post, By James Bos: A Letter to ECS In Support of Christopher Rollston

Dear Dean Holland and President Sweeney,

It has come to my attention that Professor Chris Rollston has been attacked personally and professionally by another member of the faculty at ECS. I would like to voice my support for Professor Rollston. He is an extraordinary scholar, a gentle and kind man, someone who values truth, and who promotes honest scholarship. I have read numerous of his essays and have benefited from my reading of them. And the article published in Huffington Post, which seems to have spawned the attacks from Professor Blowers, is an excellent piece. In fact, I will be using it as one of the introductory readings in my course titled Women of the Judeo-Christian Bible the next time I teach it.

Under no circumstances would Professor Rollston deserve a reprimand or any other form of disciplinary action as sought by Professor Blowers, and in contrast, it is Professor Blowers’ actions that are entirely unprofessional, not to mention unseemly.


James M. Bos
Visiting Instructor of Religion
University of Mississippi

The Slut-ification of America Continues Unhindered

As the Huffington Post nonchalantly asks…

Let me translate their simple prose into a more accurate and less nonchalant form:  ‘How many of you have the morals of an alley cat and are proud of the fact to the extent that you’re willing to tell all the world how massive a slut/ skank/ trollop/ tart/ whore you are?’

The Huffington Post is Just Stupid: The Crippling Ignorance of American Media Outlets

Here’s a screenshot of the three latest tweets which have come my way.  Two by the HuffPo, sandwiching one by Aljazeera.  Do note, Aljazeera’s is meaningful and sensible and useful.  But the Huffington Post’s are just idiotic.

The problem is that the HuffPo isn’t alone in chasing the most banal and idiotic stories which, surely, NO ONE in their right mind could care about.  So why do they and the others do it instead of offering consumers actual journalism?  Because America is becoming more and more interested in infotainment and less and less in facts.

The Huffington Post is selling Americans what they want.  And Americans want what the Huffington Post is selling.  And it’s crippling us.  We’re a nation becoming dumber by the day.  Someone needs to say so.  Someone needs to call the media to higher standards.

At least Aljazeera and NPR are doing a good job keeping us informed, but who else is?

The Huffington Post: If You Trust them for Religion News, You’re Nuttier Than They Are

How could you possibly trust a ‘news source’ that can’t even manage to spell the word ‘Pastor’ correctly?

This reminds me of the dimwits who spell Baptist ‘Babtist’ (and yes, there are such miscreants.  I’ve seen their handywork on Church vans and signs…).

Anywho- Huffington Post, here’s your Dilly- well deserved:

The Huffington Post is So Curved Up Into Celebrities…

That if a celebrity- even a minor long forgotten one- retweets something, HuffPo retweets the retweet!

So, earlier today the HuffPo tweeted a story about cocaine bespattering baby changing tables.  Apparently B-List Milano retweeted it.  This threw the HuffPo folk into such a frenzy of self congratulations that they retweeted the Milano retweet.

Don’t think the American ‘media’ is totally absorbed with the insignificant? Ha!  No wonder it can’t report things that matter.  Or get the things it does report right.

Well, Well, The HuffPo Finally Gets an Essay on Scripture Right!

David Lose does a good job in analyzing the common misrepresentations of ‘how we got the Bible’ and then he does an even better job of describing how the process of ‘scripturalization’ (my word, not his) worked. Give it a read.

I know, I was apprehensive too at first given the fact that the Huffington Post doesn’t usually do accuracy when it comes to Bible related stuff. But they managed to get an informed essayist this time.

Now That’s Interesting…

The other day I posted a piece which supposedly quoted MLK Jr. and Bob Cargill pointed out that the quote was a fake.   So I deleted the post (in quite a miffed mood I have to confess).

But when the Huffington Post linked to the story in their ‘around the web’ section after the story, they linked to my link to Bob.

It must be the price of fame… Anyway, Bob’s the man- I’m just the lowly messenger.