Quick on the Trigger

A police officer in Houston shot and killed a wheelchair-bound man on Saturday; the double amputee only had one arm and one leg. Police say that the man threatened the officer with a metal object that turned out to be a pen. A spokesman explained that Matthew Jacob Marin discharged his weapon after the man cornered him. Police did not release the name of the man who was killed, but the owner of the group home where he lived said that the man had a history of mental illness. Marin also fatally shot a suspect in 2009.

It’s the last sentence that’s telling. Also telling is the fact that the shooting happened in a group home.

Texas: The Mother of a Newborn Gunned Down in a Parking Lot

Texas… where apparently you can’t take your baby to a doctor’s visit without worrying that someone with a gun will whip it out and gun you down if you have a disagreement in the parking lot…

A newborn who was abducted from his dying mother after she was repeatedly shot Tuesday outside a suburban Houston pediatric center was found safe hours later, according to investigators who said the suspected shooter sped off with the infant in a blood-stained Lexus.  The 3-day-old boy was found around 8 p.m., about six hours after his mother, Kala Marie Golden, was fatally shot following a verbal altercation in a parking lot, Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon said.

There’s something deeply wrong with so many people.  And most of those deeply twisted folk seem to live in Texas or Florida.  Probably because those states are shaped like drains and we all know what collects in drains…

An Oversexualized Society Naturally Produces Oversexualized Children

Hence, the behavior of two 10 year olds in Houston isn’t even remotely shocking.  What is shocking is that our society doesn’t see the connection between sex on display everywhere (even on the roof of a Church in Houston, thanks Ed Young, you feckless heretic) and kids acting out sexual behaviors (like the animals they’ve been taught they are).

Houston police say two 10-year-old boys have been charged with sexually assaulting an 8-year-old boy on a school bus.  The boys were arrested last week after authorities reviewed a security videotape from the bus.  … Houston school district spokesman Jason Spencer says officials were first made aware of the alleged assault when the district’s transportation department was asked by a parent on Aug. 30 to review conditions on a bus that transports special needs students to an elementary school.  If convicted on charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child, they could face a sentence of up to 40 years.

Perhaps Lady Gaga and all the other purveyors of sexualism befouling society should be chained up in prison with them.   At any rate this is just more evidence that the Imago Dei is truly effaced in unredeemed humanity.  Like it or not, that’s just the way it is.

Hell Itself Looks on in Horror…


A love triangle involving a minister, his son and the mistress they shared ended with one woman dead — and the trio facing murder charges.

Tracy Bernard Burleson, a 44-year-old Houston pastor, is facing capital murder charges for the 2010 slaying of his wife, Pauletta Burleson. The pastor’s wife was shot execution style in the back of the head while sitting in the family’s garage, allegedly by her stepson, William Fuller, according to ABC13.

Fuller, who is also charged with murder, insists his father hired him to commit the killing, the Houston Chronicle reports.

But it’s much more complicated than that.

It seems both the pastor and his son were in love with the same woman, 32-year-old Tyonne Palmer.

Fuller had previously been living with Palmer, who was taking care of him after he was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. However investigators have uncovered evidence indicating she was actually dating both Fuller and Burleson at the same time.

Hell stands aghast, it’s mouth wide open in shocked wonderment at the complete depravity of these ‘people’.

The Catholics Aren’t The Only Ones Who Cover Up Their Clergy’s Evils


A Southern Baptist mega-church held up as an example for taking a hard line three years ago against a staff member arrested for soliciting sex from a police officer posing as a 13-year-old girl now stands accused of covering up a similar case in the late 1980s.  John Langworthy, former youth minister at Morrison Heights Baptist Church in Clinton, Miss., confessed past sins to the congregation Aug. 7. Langworthy had resigned earlier, citing “mental and emotional reasons.”

“Prior to coming to Clinton 22 years ago, while serving at a church in Mississippi and then Texas, I had sexual indiscretions with younger males,” Langworthy told the congregation. “These decisions were ungodly, and I deeply regret them.”

And now the worse part-

The admission culminated a year-long campaign by a former close friend of Langworthy who was on staff as a college intern at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas in 1989, when she says he confessed to molesting boys in the church.  Amy Smith, who now lives in Houston, says church leaders fired Langworthy and told him to leave town but did not report him to the police as required by a Texas law enacted in 1971.  After holding a couple of secular jobs, Langworthy returned to his home state of Mississippi, landing the job at Morrison Heights Baptist Church while moonlighting as a choir director at Clinton High School.

There’s a lot more.  The gist, a big church in Texas knew the fellow was a molester and didn’t report him.  Hence, it enabled him to perpetrate further crimes.  It’s completely wrong, and even evil.  And then he only admitted his behaviors because forced to, not because he wished to- meaning that if there had been no pressure, he would still be in his Church job.

It’s just so discouraging.  People should act right, and so should churches.  They shouldn’t overlook evil- that only allows it to perpetuate itself.

Is A Serial Killer in Texas Dismembering Children?

This very troubling story from Texas is so disconcerting.

Texas authorities on Tuesday have found up to 30 dismembered bodies, including children, buried at a house in a rural county east of Houston, local media reported. … Local television station KPRC-TV, in Houston said that the bodies were those of dead children. There was no immediate confirmation from police.

Terrifying. Who, and more pressingly, why?

Houston, Texas is the Worst Place to be a Postal Service Carrier…

No surprise there.  It had to be somewhere in Texas (which is the worst place to be anything or anyone).

Houston is the most dangerous city in America in which to be a postman, the US postal service has disclosed. A survey found that mail deliverers were bitten 62 times by dogs in the Texan city last year. The tally was more than a third higher than in San Diego, California, and Columbus, Ohio, the joint second-most dangerous cities, where 45 bites were recorded. Matthew Lopez, the postmaster of Houston, said that his employees were undergoing special training to protect themselves from the city’s hounds. “Working with animal behaviour experts, we’ve developed tips to avoid dog attacks, and for dog owners, tips for practicing responsible pet ownership,” Mr Lopez said.

The most shocking and surprising part of the report? That they carriers haven’t been advised to pull a gun and kill the horrid beasts. You know they’re carrying. Everyone in Texas is. Even the schoolkids.

Go Ahead, Brag About Your Crimes on Facebook

Four bank robbers have been arrested after boasting about their successful raid on Facebook. The dim witted criminals posted the message “I’m rich” and “Wipe my teeth with hundreds” soon after an armed raid on a bank in Houston, Texas. Police were tipped off about the postings on the social networking site and made four arrests. Two of those arrested worked for the Bank of Commerce in Houston where security video captured two armed and masked men robbing the bank and escaping with over £50,000.

Texas… but of course. It had to be Texas or Florida- both of which are, if you notice, shaped like drains.