MSNBC and Its Ignorant and Misleading Headline

MSNBC erroneously titles their report

Scholars seek to correct ‘mistakes’ in Bible: Experts say they’re looking to publish the authoritative edition of the Old Testament

The fact is, the Hebrew University Bible project has been around for decades! They aren’t ‘seeking to correct mistakes’, they’re doing Hebrew Bible textual criticism of the sort that’s been carried out since the dawn of textual criticism in the 16th century (and before, to be fair).

MSNBC’s sensationalizing headline, misleading at best and just simply ignorant dilettantism at worst, is absurd. The report itself, is however, quite nicely done (apart from the ridiculous undercurrent of ‘scholars are trying to destroy the bible again’ idiocy).

Ugh. With thanks to Tom Verenna for the aneurism.