Answering Your Letters: On Heaven

Dear Jim,
What’s heaven like?
Thank you,


4157478516_08ccef80c6Yours is a great question.  What’s heaven like… well, the book of Revelation portrays it as a place of perfect provision and ample sustenance and wellness.  Most importantly, it is the place where God is immediately present and death has ended.  In sum, it is Paradise restored.

Since that summarizes the theological description I think it fair to ‘fill in the gaps’, as it were.  So, for me, heaven is that wonderful library where every book ever written on theology or biblical studies (by responsible and learned believers) are collected in their first editions.  There, you’ll be able to browse the shelves and read to your heart’s content without your eyes ever tiring or you hands trembling.  And, even better, since all the books there collected are authored by believers, you’ll be able to pop into the elevator and make your way to the main floor where – at a number dispenser (think of your local deli) – which will put you in line to chat with the author of any book you wish.

So if you want to chat Luther up on his silly ideas concerning the Mass you can grab a volume off the 16th century Luther shelf and pop down for a visit with the cranky beer swiller himself.

Heaven- in short- is a giant library where authors are on hand to discuss whatever you like.  Forever.  And in the background Mozart’s leading the orchestra.

Heaven… ahhhhhh.

Quote of the Day

If heaven is our country, what can the earth be but a place of exile? If departure from the world is entrance into life, what is the world but a sepulchre, and what is residence in it but immersion in death? — John Calvin

Earth’s Treasure is Heaven’s Trash

Given that roads in the Levant in the first century CE were constructed of rubble, rubbish, and castoff materials; and given the fact that Revelation 21:21 says

καὶ ἡ πλατεῖα τῆς πόλεως χρυσίον καθαρὸν ὡς ὕαλος διαυγής.

I think that the brilliant folk producing the Bibledex videos ought to do one on that passage so that they can debunk the usual ‘heaven’s streets of gold’ mentality and make the point that the purpose of the passage is really to show that earth’s treasure is heaven’s trash.


Christian Brady has a nice post on the topic which I commend to your attention.  Yes, very nice indeed.

A friend, colleague, and local pastor died yesterday. Paul Grabill was the pastor of our local AOG church and while some found him too strong in his convictions for their tastes, I found him to be humble, generous, and yes, firmly convicted of the Gospel and its Truth. In June he wrote what he thought would be (and was) his last column in the local paper. I share the closing bit here.