Harvard: Cheaters

Harvard University has been stripped of a string of US quiz championship titles after a cheating scandal was uncovered by organisers. A competitor from America’s most prestigious university was found to have accessed a website that listed questions that were to be asked in the National Academic Quiz Tournament (NAQT).

For three successive years, Andy Watkins, a member of Harvard’s “A” team, viewed pages that displayed the first 40 characters of forthcoming questions, NAQT officials said. Mr Watkins, who graduated in 2011, had basic access to the tournament database because he wrote questions for a schools quiz competition as well as competing in the national university-age contest. Championships awarded to the Ivy League college, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 2009 and 2010, and two separate titles from 2011, were revoked and handed to the original runners-up.

I guess ethics isn’t a required course up there at accredited Harvard University.

But They Can’t Be Scandalous Cheaters, They’re the ‘Cream of the Crop’ at an ‘Accredited’ School!

Harvard's ironic seal.

Harvard’s ironic seal.

Proving, I suppose, once again, that it isn’t the school one attends, but the drive and ethics one possesses that makes the difference. But we all knew that. Well most of us knew it long ago: some poor besotted dimwits still think that education is purely dependent on the place instead of the student.  The best students are the ethical and self motivated ones.

Harvard University has imposed academic sanctions on dozens of students for cheating in a final exam, a dean said in an email to students. “More than half” of 125 students under investigation were asked to leave for a period of time; others face probation. An inquiry began when a tutor noticed identical answers to a take-home exam for an undergraduate politics course. The review expanded to include nearly half the 279 students enrolled in the course, the Harvard Crimson said.

Miscreants.  Lazy little feckless miscreants.

Correspondents say there have been complaints that exam rules for the Introduction to Congress class were unclear, and over the university’s handling of the investigation.

Introduction to Congress huh?  That figures.  Now it makes perfect sense: an unethical bunch of cheaters studying an unethical bunch of cheaters.

[And once more we learn the hard truth that the only thing the accreditation industry ensures is higher educational costs and riches for the people who work for accrediting agencies.  What a scam.  What a shock that supposedly educated and learned people continue to buy into the scam which, at the end of the day, accomplishes nothing concerning honest and meaningful education].

Harvard Is Right On Top of Things These Days…

The luminaries over there have concluded that

1. Where there are more guns there is more homicide.
2. Across high-income nations, more guns = more homicide.
3. Across states, more guns = more homicide.

Duh.  Thanks, Harvard.  Gosh, none of us would have ciphered that out if you hadn’t told us…  Between that and their ridiculously fraudulent ‘Jesus wife’ press release they’re proving why they’re one of the world’s ‘leading universities’.

I’m not alone in seeing this scornfully-


Harvard, Where Christianity is Frowned Upon But Perversity is Smiled At

harvard mouthThe nation’s oldest university has formally recognized Harvard College Munch, a group promoting discussions and safe practices of kinky and alternative sex. The school has no record of a similar group being recognized in its 376-year history. The Committee on Student Life recognized Munch on Friday, making it one of 400 independent student organizations on campus. The decision occurred more than a year after members began meeting informally over meals.

That will doubtless be one of the more ‘attractive’ features are Harvard reaches out ever further to the bizarre and abnormal.  Just don’t be an actual Christian there- or more especially an Evangelical.  Those types are just not politically correct enough for Cambridge, MA.

Harvard is not the first school in the country to formally recognize kinky sex groups, and several active groups exist within the larger community in Cambridge and neighboring Boston.

No doubt…  *Sigh*.  Another sign of the times I suppose.  Bristol University’s Christian Union is under fire for silencing women in its meetings and no one has said a word about Harvard’s little club and its objectifying of women and subjugation of the same (along with men no doubt) in their reprobate ‘games’.  But as long as it’s Christian it’s naturally ‘bad’ in our day whilst if it’s raunchy and dehumanizing and non-Christian it’s a-o.k.  Weirdos.

Another ‘Jesus Wife’ Fragment Disclosed!!!

Wow, once the floodgates open, they really open!!!!  I do so appreciate Tom Bolin pointing this out on the FB-

Late last night, during a lavish banquet at an exclusive address in Chelsea, my Indiana Jones moment finally arrived. A mysterious man approached our dinner table and handed me a small box. “It’s a gift. Just for you–” he said, and vanished.

“Who was that?” I asked my dinner companions. “He said his name was ‘Grant,’ but he smiled mischievously as he said that,” reported one onlooker. Clearly “Grant” was a pseudonym, and a clever one at that. For what this middle man had given me was truly a gift.

By asking around at the fundraiser, I learned that this new papyrus — hereafter P.Chelsea 1 (or P.Chels. 1 for citation) — had been “granted” to me by an anonymous collector. Since I have recently been blogging so much (too much, I fear) about new papyri, this anonymous collector thought I would be the perfect person to evaluate the contents of P.Chelsea 1. My editio princeps is forthcoming in the premier journal, Collecteana: L’Revue d’Année Papyrologique (CRAP), but my initial commentary follows below the photo-

See the link above for the writer’s commentary.  Here’s mine-

And the best thing about this fragment?  It’s JUST as authentic as the earlier one!  (And yes, some things deserve to be mocked).

The Vatican Slams Harvard and the ‘Jesus Wife’ Fragment

The Vatican newspaper has added to the doubts surrounding Harvard University’s claim that a 4th century Coptic papyrus fragment showed that some early Christians believed that Jesus was married, declaring it a “fake.”  The newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, published an article Thursday by leading Coptic scholar Alberto Camplani and an accompanying editorial by the newspaper’s editor, Giovanni Maria Vian, an expert in early Christianity. They both cited concerns expressed by other scholars about the fragment’s authenticity and the fact that it was purchased on the market without a known archaeological provenance.

That sounds familiar doesn’t it.  Hmmm… where have we heard that before….  But here’s the best part-

“At any rate, a fake,” Vian entitled his editorial, which criticized Harvard for creating a “clamorous” media frenzy over the fragment by handing the scoop to two U.S. newspapers only to see “specialists immediately question it.”

With thanks to Candida Moss for pointing the Post essay out on FB.

Harvard Theological Review Won’t Publish the Fake ‘Jesus Wife’ Papyrus

From Dan Wallace

News flash: Harvard Theological Review has decided not to publish Karen King¹s paper on the Coptic papyrus fragment on the grounds that the fragment is probably a fake.” This from an email Dr. Craig Evans, the Payzant Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Acadia University and Divinity College, sent to me earlier today. He said that Helmut Koester (Harvard University), Bentley Layton (Yale University), Stephen Emmel (University of Münster), and Gesine Robinson (Claremont Graduate School)–all first-rate scholars in Coptic studies–have weighed in and have found the fragment wanting. No doubt Francis Watson’s comprehensive work showing the fragment’s dependence on the Gospel of Thomas was a contributing factor for this judgment, as well as the rather odd look of the Coptic that already raised several questions as to its authenticity.

Honestly, I don’t see how anyone simply looking at the fragment can imagine it to be ancient. It’s absolutely a modern fake. There’s no question. Look at the papyrus. Look at the ink. Look at how dark the ink is. The ravages of time are in no way evident.

This thing is a fake and it seems to me that only those wishing to 1) assert the ‘importance’ of ‘ancient gnostic texts’ for modern Christianity; or 2) out and out fraudsters will continue to support its ‘authenticity’.

Ivy League Cheaters…

And at an accredited school at that! Who could ever imagine such a thing (I mean aside from anyone who knows absolutely nothing about Higher Ed in America).

Dozens of Harvard University students are being investigated for cheating after school officials discovered they may have shared answers or plagiarized on a final exam.  Harvard officials aren’t releasing the name of the class, the students’ names or the exact number being investigated.  The undergraduate class had a minimum of 250 students and possible cheating was discovered in roughly half the take-home exams, university officials said Thursday.

I guess when you combine a sense of entitlement to an ethic of selfishness and success at any price you’re bound to end up with accredited students cheating like their unaccredited counterparts…

But even at that, 50% cheaters… that’s saying something about the atmosphere at Harvard, isn’t it. (And what is it exactly that the accreditation cult is supposed to accomplish again?  It’s hard to remember since it doesn’t guarantee superior faculty, facilities, students, or grades.  Oh I remember now, it enriches the accrediting agencies!)

In the Footsteps of Abraham? Really?

William Ury is on a campaign to mark the path, which will run through several countries of the Middle East, an [sic!] whose route will follow in the footsteps of the patriarch Abraham.

And he’s from Harvard!

The idea of the Abraham Path was first raised at Harvard University in 2004. Ury, an anthropologist employed in the Harvard Negotiation Project, has promoted it energetically and is now considered the spearhead in its implementation.

Oh well he’s an anthropologist. That explains his lack of understanding concerning the meaning and purpose of the biblical story of Abraham and his historicization project.

The path does not profess to accurately track Abraham’s journeys, or to reenact in detail the route that he walked. That would evidently be impossible, and is of no special interest to the developers of the Abraham Path. The idea of Ury and his collaborators is to develop a cultural path along which tourists would be able to drive or hike, to become familiar with the heritage of Abraham and the landscapes in which the Abraham myth, so well known around the world, developed.

Oh it’s a tourist ploy. Well that explains it. Doubtless little merchandise kiosks will be set up all along the way too. But it’s more than that-

Ury himself has twice travelled the entire route, from Haran to Hebron, and his travels have left in him a deep impression, he says. His great expertise is conflict and crisis resolution. Development of the Abraham Path is, in his opinion, a tool for resolution of the prolonged crisis in the Middle East.

A conflict resolution specialist anthropologist laying hands on the Abraham texts. Fun… [Ugh. Why do people do that? Why do they think that they should link the Bible to their pet projects just to lend them some sort of legitimacy? It’s so tiresome and it just breeds more and more misuse and misunderstanding of the biblical text.  Every time some non-scholar (in biblical studies) does this I want to grab a scalpel and rush an emergency room and cut someone’s brain open and then say – but people do it all the time to the Bible…].

At Harvard the Occupy People Are Shouting ‘We Are the 99%’!

And the Washington Post has it exactly right when it mockingly tweets

Harvard protesters shout “We are the 99 percent.” Cue a nationwide rolling of eyes.

Aw… those poor Harvard kids.  God help them and their miserably difficult lives.  I don’t know how they make it on their trust funds and rich parents and incredible benefits.  They do, though, nicely personify and enflesh the absolute absurdity of the entire Occupy movement.   Harvard’s spoiled rich brats aren’t disadvantaged in any respect and only a huge mind-boggling disconnect from reality would allow them to think otherwise.

Harvard may not be the 1 percent that everyone is complaining about. But it is a tiny group of people who have been given an opportunity denied to others. That smacks uncannily of pipe smoke and caviar. Never mind that Harvard offers massive amounts of financial aid — there are some people there who are not receiving financial aid. It is an elite institution. And elite, these days, is an ugly word.  Soon I expect to hear someone complaining that Harvard does not admit everybody.  But the problem with this movement is how shortsighted it looks. At present, it has done little other than keep freshmen awake at night, increase the presence of university police in the Yard, and lure people away from introductory economics lectures.

Read the rest.  It’s nicely done.

So Who Are the Poor and Downtrodden Protestors in Boston?

You may be surprised

Safe to say you won’t see Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr in the ranks of the Occupy Boston protesters. After studying police reports and Googling addresses, Carr finds that most of those arrested are “spoiled rich kids”—white kids who hail from ritzy Harvard dorms and the comfy suburbs.

“Comrades,” he chortles to the 99-percenters, “I fear you have been infiltrated by the 1%, the super rich.” “You have to love their signs,” adds Carr. “How about ‘Corporate Greed is Not My Creed.’ No, it doesn’t have to be, if Mumsy and Pater set up a trust fund for you and are willing to pay $50,000-plus a year to send you to Harvard—plus bail money.”

Indeed.  They’re just kids who want something to do and Facebook isn’t enough anymore.

Removing Obese Children From their Homes? Lunacy

The folk at Harvard are a bit more than unhinged with their suggestion that if all else fails obese kids should be removed from their homes and parental custody.

Parents who let their children starve would undoubtedly be considered neglectful or abusive. But should moms and dads of severely obese children lose custody if they don’t take appropriate action to control the child’s weight? An opinion piece published Wednesday in a distinguished U.S. medical journal has spawned controversy by suggesting the government should step in when extreme obesity is putting a child’s life at risk.

Nutritional education is the key, not putting kids into the broken foster care system.  Apparently the guys in Harvard’s ivory tower aren’t familiar with life at the low end of the poverty scale.

Harvard Profs are Top Notch? Don’t Bet the Farm on It

There’s an absolutely blistering review of a new book by a Harvard English prof. that anyone considering taking her courses may want to take with utmost seriousness.  It seems, if the reviewer is correct, all one needs to do to get a job teaching at that formerly prestigious institution is know the right people.  It stats thusly, and just get’s better-

Marjorie Garber’s new book brought me back to my days as an English professor; I thought I was reading a freshman essay. My marginal comments might as well have been written in red: “What is the point of this paragraph?” “Where are we in the argument—and what exactly is the argument?” “Sloppy thinking.” “You need to unpack this.” “Again, is there a point here, or just a mass of notes?” “You have to develop your thesis, not just keep reiterating it.” The Use and Abuse of Literature purports to be a rallying cry for serious reading by a decorated and prolific Harvard professor, but once you pick your way through its heap of critical detritus—its mildewed commonplaces and shot-springed arguments, its half-chewed digressions and butt ends of academic cliché—you uncover underneath it all a single dubious and self-serving claim: that the central actor in the literary process is, what do you know, the English professor.

It sounds like one of James Barr’s reviews.  Harvard might want to examine its hiring practices or at least sit in on Prof’s classes from time to time to see if they know what they’re doing.  It’s your money (if you have a kid at Harvard), you should know who they’re paying.