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Karzai Is an Enemy of the United States

Afghan President Hamid Karzai meets with Secre...

Enemy of the State

Afghanistan would support Pakistan in case of military conflict between Pakistan and the United States, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said in an interview to a private Pakistani TV channel broadcast on Saturday.

The remarks were in sharp contrast to recent tension between the two neighbors over cross-border raids, and Afghan accusations that Pakistan was involved in killing the chief Afghan peace envoy, former Afghan president Burhanuddin Rabbani, by a suicide bomber on September 20. “God forbid, If ever there is a war between Pakistan and America, Afghanistan will side with Pakistan,” he said in the interview to Geo television. “If Pakistan is attacked and if the people of Pakistan needs Afghanistan’s help, Afghanistan will be there with you.”

Which only goes to show that the US can’t seem to back a winner.  Or buy one.

Like US, the Brits Need to Get out of Afghanistan. It Isn’t Worth It

The Telegraph reports

Three British soldiers were murdered by an Afghan colleague weeks after a row over a water bottle led to the vandalism of a Gurkha religious shrine, an inquest has heard.

If the Afghans want to engage in a full scale tribal war, let them. It’s none of our business. Who cares if Karzai’s corrupt government survives. I, frankly, don’t. And I’m sick and tired of Americans and our allies being killed for that splotch of dirt and rock. Let the Afghans slaughter themselves if they wish, we need to get out and so do the Brits.

The deaths of Major James “Josh” Bowman, 34, Lt Neal Turkington, 26, and Cpl Arjun Purja Pun, 33, of 1st Bn The Royal Gurkha Rifles, also came a few weeks after a Gurkha accidentally shot dead an Afghan soldier. Sgt Talib Hussein used a Minimi light machine gun, rocket-propelled grenade and M16 rifle to shoot the British soldiers at 2am as they slept or worked in the operations room. Four soldiers were also wounded. The inquest heard that an Afghan soldier had been disciplined after he had been caught by a Gurkha officer taking a bottle of cold water from a fridge.

No, its just not worth it.  I am loathe to sound heartless but I’m sick to death of the senselessness of western policy towards snake-pit nations like Afghanistan and Iraq and Pakistan.

The Taliban are Servants of Satan

The Taliban has hanged an 8-year-old boy, in tragic retribution after the boy’s cop father refused to give militants a police vehicle, reports CNN. The child was kidnapped Friday in the southern province of Helmand, and killed at an unknown point after that. President Hamid Karzai condemned the boy’s execution, calling it an action “not permitted in any culture or any religions,” and calling for the immediate arrest of those responsible.

Human beings don’t kill children in order to ‘teach a lesson’ to parents.  Only inhuman tools of evil do.

If the divine messengers were to approach any modern Abraham living in many places on the planet and announce the just deserved destruction impending, that Abraham would have to argue down to the presence of one righteous soul if there were to be any hope of staving off divine wrath in recompense to human perversity.  And in most cases there’s not even one righteous person to be found.

That Afghan War Thing Isn’t Going So Well

Art work of President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan.

Karzai picking a child's pocket

Especially in light of the sad fact that more and more Afghans think the insurgents are in the right.

A new poll by several Western television outlets says more than a quarter of Afghans now see insurgent attacks against U.S. and NATO forces as justified. The poll was released on Monday. It says the number of Afghans who accept the attacks has gone from 8 percent last year to 27 percent this year. The increase comes as President Hamid Karzai calls on international troops to be less disruptive of daily life in Afghanistan. The poll was based on face-to-face interviews with a random sample of nearly 1,700 Afghan adults in all 34 of the country’s provinces. It was conducted from Oct. 29 until Nov. 13 by ABC News, the BBC and ARD German TV.

From 8 to 27 percent is a huge increase. We should have left Afghanistan the moment we discovered the corruption of Karzai and his government.

Afghanistan/ US Relations ‘Hurt’ By WikiLeaks…

Or so says an official in Afghanistan.  Aww… don’t worry- just ask for more money and that will make it all better.  That’s all you want from the United States anyway.  So just whine a bit and our feckless government will feel badly and toss you some more taxpayer cash (because they’d rather you have it than America’s own unemployed).

Afghanistan’s finance minister warned Saturday that the release of leaked U.S. diplomatic cables will hurt U.S.-Afghan relations, and he denied a report that he called President Hamid Karzai and “extremely weak man.” Afghan Finance Minister Omar Zakhilwal said it will no longer be “business as usual” between key Afghan ministers and U.S. Ambassador Karl Eikenberry.

Yes, the ‘Finance Minister’.  Not the Diplomatic Chief.  The Finance Minister- or as he should really be called, the guy with one hand stuck out to the US and the other stuck into the pocket of the Taliban.

You watch, American ‘aid’ will increase to Afghanistan.  WikiLeaks is a windfall for such nations.

Hamid Karzai is Nothing but a Drug Lord. Why Are We Paying Him?

Instead of funding him, we should be removing him.

Karzai denounces drug raid in Afghanistan


One of Karzai's Kustomers

The Afghan president calls a large-scale operation in which the U.S. and Russia took part a violation of sovereignty, even though Afghan police participated in the action near the Pakistan border. That’s because he’s a drug lord and he wants his part of the product’s profit. … The outburst marked the latest in a series of tense confrontations between the Afghan leader and his Western backers. It also signaled a degree of disarray within the Karzai administration, because Afghan counter-narcotics police took part in the operation, playing what U.S. officials described as the lead role.

We are backing a totally depraved fool. Typical US Government ineptitude.

Why is the United States Supporting The Duplicitous Thug Karzai?

Afghan President Hamid Karzai said Monday that once or twice a year, Iran gives his office $700,000 to $975,000 for official presidential expenses and that Washington also provides “bags of money” because his office lacks funds. Karzai’s comments come a day after The New York Times reported that Iran was giving bags of cash to the president’s chief of staff, Umar Daudzai, to buy his loyalty and promote Iranian interests in Afghanistan.

Our feckless Government pours more money down the toilet than imaginable. And this particular toilet is Afghanistan. And its President Karzai is nothing but a taking any money from any source that offers it hoodlum.

Hey Washington, thanks again.  I feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that tax dollars are propping this puppet king.  And this puppet is glad for it.

Another Reason to Get Out of Afghanistan

Afghan Interim Chairman Hamid Karzai in 2002

When one of the most corrupt governments on the planet (that of President Karzai) complains about the mafia-like tactics of contractors (the US companies hired by the Military), then you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are in a swamp and morass that you had better get out of before you’re completely swallowed and killed by it.

Afghanistan’s embattled president Hamid Karzai said on Sunday that U.S. taxpayers were indirectly funding “mafia-like groups” and terrorist activities with the American government’s support of private contractors inside his country.  In a rare U.S. media appearance, Karzai continued to press for the removal of the vast majority of U.S. private contractors by the end of this year. He argued that their continued presence inside Afghanistan was “an obstruction and impediment” to the country’s growth, a massive waste of money, and a catalyst for corruption among Afghan officials.

If anyone knows first hand about immoral and unethical governmental conduct, it’s Karzai.  Why we are helping this thug is utterly beyond comprehension.