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If I Could Summarize My Loathing of Halloween With a Picture…

This would be it.

Another Reason to Hate Halloween: The Sexualization of Young Girls

I hate Halloween.  I just purely hate it.  There are lots of reasons, and the HuffPo has pointed out another: what used to be cute kids dressing up in cute or funny costumes has turned into yet another opportunity for the misguided and perverse to transform their little ones into tiny profligate adults.  Behold-

And there are many more at the link to the story.  And people wonder why teens have sex.  It’s the only thing that occupies society, why wouldn’t that perverse mentality infect youngsters too?  And no, I’m not being a prude.  Morality matters.

California’s Pedophiles Are Upset… That they Can’t Celebrate… Halloween…

Golly gee Mr  Pedophile… we just can’t understand what the State is thinking when it refuses to allow you to mingle with little children…

Five California sex offenders and their families are suing the city of Simi Valley, Calif., claiming that Halloween restrictions placed on them through a new law violate their right to free speech.  The group filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court Friday against Simi Valley, a city 37 miles northwest of Los Angeles.  Under the ordinance, Simi Valley’s 119 registered sex offenders are banned from displaying Halloween decorations at their homes. They are required on Oct. 31 to turn off all exterior lighting and post a sign on their doors that reads in at least one-inch-tall letters: “No candy or treats at this residence.”  “People are thinking this is because registrants want to pass out candy to children. That is not the case for me,” a 46-year-old registered sex offender and father of two told ABCNews.com.  He is one of the anonymous plaintiffs suing the city to have the law struck down, and asked that his name not be used.   “This ordinance affects the residents,” he said. “It is being enforced on my wife and my children. My kids can not even carve a pumpkin and put it on the front porch.”

Trolling for children as ‘free speech’.  That’s a new one.  Once a molester, always a molester.  California is right to limit contact between pedophiles and children.

By the way, go to your local Sex Offender Registry and make sure that your children and grandchildren DON’T go to the houses of anyone therein listed.  You can find it via Google.

Barbarism in Zurich and Aargau

This kind of thing is extremely unusual in Switzerland.  But it seems that America has exported Halloween hooliganism too.

In der Nacht auf heute hatten die Polizeien in Zürich, Aargau und Schwyz alle Hände voll zu tun. An Halloween schlugen Kinder und Jugendliche Scheiben ein, warfen Eier und zäuselten.

Most surprising, and distressing-

Bei der Kapo Aargau gingen über 50 Meldungen wegen Unfugs und Sachbeschädigungen ein. Fast ausschliesslich seien es Kinder und Jugendliche gewesen, die Eier gegen Hausfassaden und Autos geworfen hätten, teilt die Polizei mit. Vereinzelt wurden auch gezielt Sachen beschädigt oder Feuerwerk gezündet. «Die Polizei konnte die Täterschaft in etlichen Fällen ermitteln und zur Verantwortung ziehen. Es handelte sich vor allem um Jugendliche, vereinzelt aber auch um Kinder im Alter um zehn Jahre», schreibt die Kapo Aargau in einer Mitteilung. Die Fehlbaren seien ihren Eltern übergeben worden.

Wretched.  Tis a useless ‘holiday’ and should be eliminated.

What Has to be America’s Most Annoying Neighbor

This guy and I wouldn’t get along too well…

I’d be sure to set up a massive speaker system and blast Mozart’s operas from them non-stop for the entire month of October, since Jesus advised us to ‘do to others as you would have them do to you’ and I’d rather hear Mozart than rubbish accompanied by flashing neon.

The Problem With Those ‘Judgement Houses’

According to Russell Moore, there are 7 reasons why they are failures

1. They’re not scary enough. To speak of hell, Jesus used the imagery of a garbage dump overun with worms, a place where babies were once sacrified to demons (Mark 9:43-48). Teenagers in plastic red devil masks and styrofoam pitchforks usually don’t convey what it means to “fall into the hands of the living God” (Heb 10:31).

2. They assume people’s problem is that they don’t know about judgment. But the Bible says they do.

3. They abstract judgment from the love of God. I know most “Judgment Houses” present the gospel at the end. But in the Bible the good news doesn’t come at the end.

4. They abstract judgment from the glory of God. The prophet Isaiah doesn’t see that he’s “undone” first by the horror of judgment.

5. It’s hard to cry at a Judgment House. But Jesus does when thinking about judgment (Matt 23:37). And so does the Apostle Paul, pleading with sinners to be saved (2 Cor 5:20).

And for me the most salient point-

6. The Holy Spirit doesn’t usually like to work that way. Pop quiz: How many people do you know who came to know Christ through the witness of a friend? How many do you know who came to know Christ through faithful parents? How many are in Christ due to the week-to-week preaching of Christ in a local church? Probably a lot, right? Okay, now answer this: How many people do you know who came to know Christ through a Halloween “Judgment House” or “Hell House”?

So why are they so popular among the Emergent crowd and others willing to substitute the Gospel for a gimmick?

7. They’re easier to pull off than talking to people. … [M]ost lost people in your neighborhood are going to be saved the same way people have always been saved, by Christian people loving them enough to build relationships, invite them to church, share the gospel, and witness to Christ. The problem is that for many Christian’s that’s scarier than a haunted house.

The problem with all of these ‘let’s use gimmicks to peddle the Gospel’ plans is that they teach the lie that the Gospel is insufficient and needs some help or folk just won’t like it or accept it.  Make no mistake, that is a lie.  The Gospel is, according to Paul, the ‘power of God for salvation’!  That makes it sufficient without any supplementation.

If your church is having a ‘Hell House’, do your neighbors a favor and skip it.  Just give them the Gospel.  That’s what they need.

Via Jason

Answering Your Letters: Can Christians Observe Halloween?

Dear Jim,

What do you think of Halloween?  Is it ok for Christians to observe it?

Thank you,


Thanks for writing, Tim.   In a word, Halloween is one of those matters the Reformation Theologians would have called Adiaphora– ‘indifferent things’.  The Bible doesn’t know it or of it and whether or not Christians celebrate it is completely up to them.  Taking little children trick or treating isn’t theologically problematic but vandalism certainly is.  So Halloween is one of those things that can be good or evil depending on the use to which it is put.

That said, personally, I have no use for it.  I think it’s – for too many people – simply an excuse to act riotously.  I don’t take part and I don’t participate in it in any way.  If  I might be uncharacteristically blunt (!), I think it’s a stupid ‘holiday’.  Put pictorially, here’s what I think:

I hope this answers your question, Tim.  Have a great day.

Please Don’t Demean Christianity by Participating in ‘Jesus-ween’… It’s Just Silly Wrongness…

And deserves the spoofing it receives from Kimmel-

Halloween is a stupid pointless ‘holiday’ and ‘Jesus-ween’ is worse (as it’s mere pandering to a group of people who want to ‘celebrate’ a lame ‘holiday’ but who want to feel good about themselves for doing it).

Bibliobloggers And their Halloween Costumes

Sadly some of our brethren observe the worst of all the pagan ‘holidays’, Satan’s Night.  Here’s how they’ll dress:

I Hate Halloween

I can’t believe NPR is doing a story on it at the first of September and I can’t believe that stores will have Halloween garbage in stock before Labor Day.  I wish the wretched day of destructive depravity and devil worship would just fade away.  It appears to be doing well though (which is thoroughly unsurprising given the fact that the world is crammed full of Devil food)(and by that I mean evil people who love to revel in death and destruction and beggery).

If you walk into the Safeway near Washington, D.C.’s Chinatown, you’ll see a small display of Halloween decorations: witches hats, haunted houses, jack-o-lanterns — the works. That might not seem so strange if it were October or even late September. But it hasn’t even hit Labor Day yet.  Safeway isn’t the only retailer getting a jump on the holiday. Across the city, shoppers will find Halloween merchandise in Walgreens, Claire’s Accessories, Target and Macy’s.

Blah.  Have I mentioned how much I hate Halloween?  Well I do.

Total Depravity: The Oregon Edition

Photograph showing rolled up condom

Having a safe Halloween took on a different meaning in one Oregon neighborhood, where trick-or-treating teenagers received condoms in their goodie bags. Daniel and Kathleen Harris, of Silverton, told The Statesman Journal the free condoms were part of their effort to promote health. They also handed out toothbrushes as well as candy bars. The father of one 14-year-old girl who received the condoms, Daniel Cote, was offended and says it was inappropriate to give them to children without parents’ consent. Kathleen Harris said giving the condoms to the 14-year-old was a mistake. She said their usual practice is to ask teens if they’re 16 or older and to give them a speech on safe sex.

That’s perverse. Were my child to have received such a ‘trick or treat’ the Harris’s would be receiving a summons to civil court.  They aren’t promoting anything but promiscuity and sex education of other people’s children doesn’t belong in their hands.