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Tel Kabri: The 2013 Season

Eric Cline mentioned this and I’m happy to pass it along:

Tel Kabri at the end of the 2013 excavation season. Photo: SkyView Photography, Ltd.

Tel Kabri at the end of the 2013 excavation season. Photo: SkyView Photography, Ltd.

The 2013 excavations at the Middle Bronze Age (c. 1750–1550 B.C.E.) Canaanite site of Tel Kabri uncovered architecture and artifacts from one of the largest palatial sites in Israel. I had the good fortune to be a member of the excavation team and wrote a series of blog posts about life on the dig mid-season. However, a view from the trenches is never complete, and the excavation directors recently released a preliminary report on the results of this summer’s fieldwork. The full “Preliminary Report on the Results of the 2013 Excavation Season at Tel Kabri,” written by excavation co-directors Assaf Yasur-Landau (University of Haifa) and Eric H. Cline (George Washington University), associate director Andrew Koh (Brandeis University), and area supervisors Nurith Goshen (University of Pennsylvania), Alexandra Ratzlaff (Boston University) and Inbal Samet (University of Haifa), is available as a free pdf download here.

There’s a good bit more for your enjoyment and enlightenment.  Take a gander.  And click on the photo to enlarge it.

Prophecy and Politics: Conference Announcement

Prophecy and Politics in Ancient Israel and in Ancient Cultures
University of Haifa, 28-31.5.2012

The Department of Biblical Studies at the University of Haifa is holding an international conference: “Prophecy and Politics in Ancient Israel and in Ancient Cultures”.

The intention of the conference is to examine the biblical prophets and prophecy in ancient cultures in general—within the geographical compass of Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Levant—from the beginnings of writing until the first century CE. The focus will be on the attitudes of ancient writers and readers to political-historical events.

A one day excursion is planned: In the footsteps of Elijah, Elisha and the necromancer of En-Dor. We would like to interest you in this conference, and we invite you to propose a lecture. Please let us know of your interest by 31 October 2011, by E-mail or regular mail.

Please reply through one of the following addresses:

Prof. Dr. Gershon Galil
Department of Biblical Studies
University of Haifa
Mount Carmel, Haifa 31905, Israel

Dr. Dan’el Kahn
Department of Biblical Studies
University of Haifa
Mount Carmel, Haifa 31905, Israel

17,000 Have Been Evacuated in Israel

Because of the approach of the nation’s largest and worst fire disaster in its history.  Haifa is under threat.

Mass evacuations continued across northern Israel Friday morning as dry easterly winds fanned a massive brushfire towards the city of Haifa.  Over 17,000 residents, including 600 prison inmates, were evacuated as the blaze raged out of control, devastating hundreds of acres of pine forest before sweeping down the slopes of the Carmel plateau towards Israel’s third largest city.

Heavens!  This is horrible.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said evacuations would continue and that authorities would take no risks where civilian lives were in danger.  “Evacuations will be conducted as needed, with sufficient advance warning. We do not want any more injuries,” said Netanyahu, who called an emergency cabinet meeting for Friday morning.  As the fire raged on, the town Isfiyeh, a center for Israel’s Druze community, much of which is concentrated in the Carmel mountains, was next to be evacuated.  Police also evacuated prisoners from Prison 6 and Carmel Prison, as well as students in Haifa University dormitories, who were transferred to a nearby high school.  Some 200 patients from the Tirat Hacarmel psychiatric hospital were also evacuated.

Just ghastly.  God have mercy.