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Good For Ireland!

A few moments after the Israeli air force drop...

The Irish government attempted to limit US weapons transfers to Israel after the Second Lebanon War, according to a document released by Wikileaks. A diplomatic cable sent from the US embassy in Ireland reveals that “the Irish Government has informally begun to place constraints on US military transits” at Shannon Airport. After the Second Lebanon War, the Irish government tried to prevent weapons from reaching Israel through Shannon Airport. The Irish Department of Transport required that any military equipment passing through the country required “prior notification” and “exemption waivers.” “The Transport Department notice followed upon the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) oral but definitive decision during the Lebanon conflict to forbid US military transits carrying munitions to Israel,” the document reads, “a policy that the DFA did not convey to [the US embassy] before informing the media.” The cable explains that this policy is due to the fact that “segments of the Irish public see the airport as a symbol of Irish complicity in perceived US wrongdoing in the Middle East.”

So good for Ireland for having a backbone and refusing to allow itself to be a conduit of US weapons in a war of aggression and expansion.

Ireland’s Politicians Are More Honorable than America’s

The Irish are hopping mad for the same reason Americans are hopping mad: government bailouts of banks and financial firms. But give the Irish parliamentarians credit for “keeping it real.” Whether facing the Irish public or the Irish pubs, the Irish pols do not hide from the public as do their American counterparts.

Read Mr Ventre’s entire essay.  It’s a true picture of the difference between Irish politicians and American politicians.