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Aren Maeir: Public Lecture on ‘The Search for Goliath’

Aren Maeir

At William Jessup University

Over the last decade and a half, Aren Maeir has been leading excavations at the site of Tell es-Safi, which is identified as Philistine Gath, hometown of the legendary biblical figure Goliath. In his lecture, Prof. Maeir will describe some of the fascinating biblical era finds that have been discovered including biblical-related cultic objects, inscriptions, dramatic evidence of the destruction of the city of Gath (mentioned in 2 Kings 12), as well as other gripping finds that enable us to paint a vivid picture of the Land of the Bible during the time of the Israelite and Judahite kings and prophets.

This event is hosted by Dr. Cynthia Shafer-Elliott and the WJU Bible and Theology Department.

Date: April 18th from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Location: Lecture Hall, WJU Campus

Go if you can!

Goings On at Gath: Photos From Louise Hitchcock

Louise is working at Gath, looking, one presumes, for Goliath’s cereal bowl.  Until she finds that, she’s digging up some other cool stuff (along of course with the rest of the good folk there led by the inestimably gifted Aren Maeir) and she’s given permission for me to pass along the photos she’s posting on her FB page.  I’m especially impressed with the bull.  That’s nice stuff:

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I’ll Be Rooting For Goliath

Sorry, ‘David’, but the guy portraying you… well he’s just not likable. ‘The Rock’, on the other hand, is a quite likable guy.  And besides, anyone who played any part in the annoyance called ‘Twilight’ deserves a fatal beating… if ya hear what I’m sayin’.

Go Goliath!

Dwayne ("The Rock") Johnson to play Goliath and Taylor ("Jacob") Lautner to play David in Scott Derickson's Movie version of Goliath? Exciting news on Scott Derickson’s upcoming movie, Goliath: Dwayne Johnson has been offered the titular role in ‘Goliath’. The 39-year-old actor – who stands at 6ft 5in tall – is an advanced negotiations to play the Biblical character in the Scott Derrickson-directed epic for Relativity Media and Temple Hill Entertainment. Taylor Lautner has been offered the part of David in the classic tale, which is being worked on by ‘Twilight’ producers Marty … Read More

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