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Deane is Right: On the Situation in Gaza/Palestine

One cannot pursue – for 64 years – the catastrophic policy of driving out the majority of the inhabitants of a region, and then claim the moral high ground. It was the result of extreme nationalism and racism when it occured in South Africa; it was the result of extreme nationalism and racism when it occurred in Rwanda; it was the result of extreme nationalism and racism when it occurred in Nazi Germany. Yet it was defended in each of these other countries on ethical grounds founded on assumptions of racial superiority, national election, and divine right. The Israeli policy of eradicating Palestinians from their land will not work, but it will continue to result in direct state violence and prompt violence in return.Time for a different path. — Deane Galbraith

Deane is right.

Israel’s Hawks

As Palestinian militants tried to forge a tentative cease-fire agreement with Israel on Sunday, pressure was building on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to retaliate for the latest round of violence by launching a major military campaign in the Gaza Strip similar to the 22-day Operation Cast Lead in late 2008.  After visiting hospitalized Israelis who were injured by rocket attacks over the weekend, Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom said Israel should take decisive military action to discourage future Palestinian strikes.  “The deterrence of Cast Lead has exhausted itself,” he said. “We’re not ruling out the possibility of a ground operation.”  Opposition lawmakers also urged Netanyahu to cripple the infrastructure of Hamas, the Islamist group that controls the Gaza Strip. “You must use force against terrorism,” said opposition leader Tzipi Livni, whose Kadima Party was in power during Operation Cast Lead.

Meanwhile the people who launched the rockets won’t be the one’s who suffer from a crippled infrastructure.  But that’s Israeli policy: when you suffer a stubbed toe, drop a nuclear bomb on the rock upon which you yourself stumbled.

I’m absolutely certain that some in Israel won’t be happy until every Palestinian is dead and rotting in the sun.

How Israel Manipulated Greece into Hindering the Gaza Flotilla

After ‘Tahrir’ ship intercepted by Greek coast guard, Jewish-Canadian activist says Athens operating in Israel’s favor as a result of economic pressure from J’lem due to Greece’s current financial crisis. An activist aboard the Gaza-bound flotilla on Tuesday claimed that Israel has taken advantage of the economic situation in Greece in an attempt to prevent vessels from departing to the Strip.

There’s little doubt that Greece has done Israel’s bidding and it would not at all surprise anyone if money lay behind it. Read the remainder of the Jerusalem Post essay for more.  And lament the injustice so easily purchased.

And the Killing Goes On and On…

Endlessly, in a despairing loop of groundhog day-esque insanity and inhumanity.

An antitank rocket fired from the Gaza Strip hit a school bus in southern Israel on Thursday, seriously wounding a teenage boy and prompting Israeli helicopter and artillery strikes that killed a Palestinian, the army and medical officials said.

What kind of barbarians fire at a school bus????

The bus driver had nearly finished dropping off all the schoolchildren, with one left in the vehicle, when it was hit. A 13-year-old boy was seriously wounded and the driver was lightly injured, according to a doctor at Soroka hospital in the southern city of Beersheba, where they were being treated.  Shmuel Bar-Ziv, a motorist at the scene, told Israel Radio that the boy was badly wounded in the head and that the bus caught fire after being hit.

Inhuman.  The Palestinians are not helping their cause by countenencing and aiding this kind of cruelty.  Murdering or injuring little children is evil no matter who does it and no matter what their ‘reasons’.

The Forgotten Gazans

A map of the Gaza Strip

Gaza, land of the oppressed

Business and construction in the Gaza Strip remain stifled half a year after Israel announced it would ease its three-year-old blockade of the needy, war-ravaged Palestinian territory, a report by several aid groups said Tuesday.  The groups accused Israel of ducking promises to ease the blockade’s effects on civilians, a pledge it made under pressure after a deadly Israeli commando raid in May on an international flotilla protesting the restrictions. The report said Israel is allowing in more food and some building materials but is dragging its feet on major construction projects.  “We aren’t seeing an easing of the blockade compared to Israel’s declared aims,” said Karl Schembri of Oxfam, among the 21 groups behind the report. Others included Amnesty International and Save the Children.  “It’s not having any impact,” he said.

The aim of the policy seems clear enough- choke Gaza (and Gazans) to death.  It’s working.  Meanwhile the world turns a blind eye and a dear ear.  Israel must be placated, especially by American politicians.  Even if an entire region is suffering inexpressible hardship.

Looting the Holy Land

Ush Grab, occupied West Bank. (Decolonizing Ar...

This is a fascinating documentary on the way archaeological materials are being used in Israel- especially since Raz Kletter and Thomas Thompson are interviewed in it.

Since 1967 countless artifacts have been unearthed and removed from the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. Many are displayed in Israeli museums and private collections, while others are sold to tourists. For Israel, archeology has been a key tool in buttressing its territorial claims to historic Palestine. Archeological findings are used to assert ownership and to rename the territories they occupy. Palestinians see the cultural heritage of the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza as a central part of their ancestral birthright and ownership is key to building an economy based on pilgrimage and tourism. Is the removal of historic treasures from the occupied territories a case of cultural preservation or stealing a heritage? What role has the science of archeology played in the Arab-Israeli dispute? Al Jazeera searches through the evidence, unearthing the facts and exposing a power struggle in which every stone has meaning. More than just property, the control of a cultural legacy is at stake. Looting the Holy Land airs from Sunday, October 10, at the following times GMT: Sunday: 1900; Monday: 1400; Wednesday: 0300; Thursday: 1900.

Unfortunately I didn’t hear about it until this morning.  Perhaps a DVD will become available.   Until then, you can watch the 46 minute long film by simply going to the video below and clicking play!

UPDATE:  Using the fantastic free little program ‘Download Helper’ I’ve been able to download the entire program to my computer and can watch anytime with Real Player.  Nice!

Mid East Peace? Forget It

Map of Israel, the Palestinian territories (We...

Hamas security officials say three Palestinians have been killed by Israeli tank fire in the northern Gaza Strip. Five people were wounded. There was no immediate comment Sunday from the Israeli military. Israeli forces and Palestinians frequently clash in the area. Israel charges that Palestinians try to infiltrate or plant explosives along Gaza’s border with Israel. Palestinians say that Israel is enforcing a wide no-go zone in Gaza, and that soldiers open fire on farmers and other civilians who enter.

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict reminds me of a married couple. They’ve been together so long and grown to hate each other so much that they simply cannot and will not get along no matter what or who intercedes. The two of them should just get a divorce and move as far away from each other as possible. So I have a solution-

Israel can move to Germany (if anyone owes them land it’s the Germans, right?) and Palestine can move to Texas. It’s the same wretched and empty landscape and they will feel right at home. Besides, frankly, if we could move Texans to the middle east it would be fantastic.

That way neither one gets the land dog they’ve been fighting over so spitefully for so long.  And the Middle East will finally be at peace.

I know, it’s the perfect solution.  That’s why it will be ignored.