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The Books Are Starting to Appear

The books are starting to appear….


Campus Coffee

The campus coff shop… Lovely.


This is Where the Fun Will Happen

Right here-



I’ve got online here at Fitzwilliam on their blazing lay fast wifi- so expect live blogging of all the doings.

However a bit of bad news already. Francesca S. and Katie Edwards will be absent. Doubtless in order to avoid me. Needless to say- I’m quite sad. More anon…

Blogging/Tweeting SOTS Winter 2013 Meeting at Cambridge

sotsA quick note- I have every intention of blogging/tweeting SOTS 2013 next week in Cambridge and I’ll be using the hashtag #sots2013.  All of this is, of course, contingent on whether or not Fitzwilliam has wifi and I can manage to use it properly.  A couple of fairly large contingencies really.  At Durham a couple of years ago (oh Durham, you did try my soul) internet access was absolutely impossible.  D.V., Cambridge will be better.

So, if you don’t hear from me, blame the interweb.  If you do, blame yourself (I, as always, shall remain blameless and perfect, upright and eschewing evil).