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Vester Lee Flanagan: The Evil Product of A Society Gone Mad

A TV reporter killed live on air was gunned down by a former presenter at the same station who then posted horrific footage of the deadly attack on social media.

Bryce Williams claimed to be the gunman and said “I filmed the shooting”.  It showed him walking slowly along a wooden boardwalk in Virginia to where Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, were interviewing a leader of the local chamber of commerce.  Williams, 42, whose real name is Vester Lee Flanagan, lowered the camera to show a gun in his other hand. He then stood behind Miss Parker and Mr Ward filming them for several seconds.  They seemed unaware of his presence as they continued with the interview. Williams then raised the gun and fired several shots at nearly point blank range. Miss Parker could be seen being hit and running away in an attempt to take cover.

Read the rest of the Telegraph’s report for yourself.  The gunman has, since, been seriously injured while attempting to flee pursuit.  Evil people are birthed in evil environments.  This evil man is the product of a society which is pumping out similar people at an astonishing rate,  America is sick.  As a consequence, it is birthing evil.

UPDATE: He has expired of his self inflicted wounds.  I’ll shed no tears for him.  For his victims- truly.  Would that these murderous miscreants kill themselves first and then go on their vile rampage.

Christians Who Adore Ayn Rand Can Scarcely Be Known As Christians

So what explains the current Christian Right fawning over her the way some silly academic souls fawn over Wikipedia as a pretended reliable resource?  Cynthia Tucker attempts an explanation, during which she correctly notes:

In the 1950s, serious Christians kept their distance from Rand. So did mainstream Republicans. The father of the modern conservative movement, William F. Buckley, was contemptuous of her, and the pages of his magazine, National Review, were anything but kind to her views.

But Rand has since been elevated to a central figure in conservatism. Business moguls have embraced her because of her frank worship of wealth. “Money is the barometer of a society’s virtue,” she said. And her contempt for government, with its regulations and taxation, was just what America’s reckless and self-centered class of business executives wanted to hear.

It’s harder to figure out how Rand came to be embraced by conservative Christians, however. Last year, the late Charles Colson made a video denouncing Rand and warning his fellow Republicans against elevating her philosophy. “It’s hard to imagine a world view more antithetical to Christianity,” he said.

That’s correct- the Rand-ian worldview is absolutely unacceptable and inappropriate for a Christian.  Face it.  It’s either Rand or Christianity.  It’s either/ or,  certainly not both/ and.

Martin Luther: On Scott Bailey

Luther writes, in his commentary on Psalm 101-

A spirit speaks out of a fool: “If I have done it, then, if it be God’s will, I have not done it—neither I nor you nor my brother nor my brother-in-law. That disgraceful Nobody has done it. He does every wicked deed and yet gets off scot-free, unpunished by any law or authority. So it is in every government, whether it be great or small, with the exception of the government of either Master Hans or the devil, if God wants to give it into their hands.” To my great amazement, they know where to find that rascal Nobody, as Solomon frequently preaches and warns in his Proverbs.

I’m not sure what Luther is on about either, but the fact that he names Scott (with one t- orthography in the 16th century wasn’t fixed) in the context of the devil is proof enough of Scot’s connection to the evil one.

Clergy Same-sex Union in Ireland

But of course it’s an Anglican, Stephen. It had to be that or a Unitarian.

First Clergy Same-sex Union for Ireland - It's Anglican, of Course... A ‘Very Reverend’ Dean in the Church of Ireland has decided to enter into a civil union with his boyfriend: First printed in The Church of England Newspaper. The Dean of Leighlin Cathedral in the Diocese of Cashel & Ossory has become the first serving Church of Ireland clergyman to enter a same-sex civil partnership in the Republic of Ireland. The public announcement of the Dean’s same-sex civil partnership and his Bishop’s apparent support f … Read More

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Polish Singer Acquitted Over Bible-ripping

From the ‘people can be jerks’ category

Polish Singer Acquitted Over Bible-ripping Ynet news: A Polish court has found a singer in a heavy metal band, who tore up the Bible during a performance, not guilty of offending religious sentiments. The judge ruled last week that the ripping of the holy book by Behemoth frontman Adam Darski could be defined as “artistic expression” consistent with his band’s style. Darski, who uses the stage name Nergal as the Babylonian god mentioned in the Book of Kings, is a famous figure in his home … Read More

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Christians Keep Being Targeted in Iraq

Barbaric murderers.

Via Yahoo News: Kirkuk, Iraq – Fifteen people were wounded on Tuesday by a car bomb targeting a Syrian Catholic church in Kirkuk in northern Iraq, a police officer and a priest said. The bomb exploded at the Holy Family church in the north of Kirkuk at about 5:30 am (0230 GMT), wounding 15 people including church staff and people in neighbouring houses, the high-ranking officer in the Kirkuk police said. The officer, who spoke on condition of … Read More

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Another Pagan Anglican Priest

This guy should be removed from his office today. Not because of his acts but because of his words. Any priest who states that the God of the Bible is wicked and perverse has no business being a priest. Let him join the tribe of angry atheist ex Christians. But kick him out of the Church first.

To allow him to remain in the priesthood is a travesty and an injustice.

Rector Burns Bible Pages   What a wicked man! The Church in Wales says it is investigating after a Gwynedd rector burnt some pages from the Bible. The Reverend Geraint ap Iorwerth of St Peter ad Vincula Church, Pennal, also cut up pages from the King James Bible to create an artwork. Unveiling it at a church event, he said it revealed a “cruel and vile God”. The Bishop of Bangor said: “Destroying parts of the Bible we don’t like is disrespectful and will offend many … Read More

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That’s a Priest with Anger Management Issues…

Stephen remarks-

Priest Slaps 9 Year Old Girl in Church How vicious! Totally deplorable: Thrissur, India:  A nine-year-old girl who failed to take confession in a Church here was allegedly slapped by the angry Vicar, prompting the child's father to file a police complaint.      The police said as per the complaint, Father Paul Pulikottil, the Vicar of the nearby Vadookara Little Flower Parish Church, had allegedly slapped the girl on July 9 in the church hall in the presence of several others.     The … Read More

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No, Stephen, it will Never End…

Kansas City Catholic Diocese in Lawsuit Over Alleged Distribution of Child Pornography Will it ever end?! KS (KCTV) – The Kansas City Catholic Diocese is defending itself against a groundbreaking lawsuit involving the alleged distribution of child pornography. The attorney representing a family suing the Kansas City Catholic Diocese says this is the first time that someone has sued the Catholic Church for violating federal child pornography laws. “The (federal) law has pretty severe penalties for anyone who holds or views or otherw … Read More

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Depraved Reprobates of a Feather always Flock Together

As do Montanist heretics. And especially as do depraved reprobate montanist heretics. Like these two…

Pulpit Pimps Unite: Dollar Defends His Pimp Buddy Eddie Long This is so ridiculous that it’s almost humorous. Creflo Dollar urges the congregants of Eddie Long’s church to go back to him and give him money because he only had a “wreck” and a “minor accident”. This is a great example of mixing lies with truth: yes pastors are only humans and yes we are all sinners but when yo … Read More

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