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If You Needed More Evidence that Emmanuel Blew It When It Forced Chris Rollston Out…

Here it is:  Chris’s tribute to his students there- A Tribute to Emmanuel Students: From my perspective, life brings many things, some welcome, some not, some good, some not. Such is the ebb and flow of human existence, I believe. … Continue reading

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‘Losers’ May Be too Kind of a Description…

But all in all Bob Cargill’s post (and Danny McClellan’s comic) nicely capture the whole Emmanuel Seminary war on Chris Rollston and academic freedom.  Give Bob’s piece a read. Were I to add anything to it it would be that … Continue reading

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Christopher Rollston is Leaving Emmanuel Christian Seminary

Emmanuel has lost a brilliant scholar thanks in no small part to the petty wranglings of a few manipulative ‘control freaks’ and assorted senseless fundamentalists. Emmanuel’s loss is George Washington University’s gain- as Chris is heading there for a visiting … Continue reading

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Why Is Emmanuel Christian Seminary Dragging its Feet?

Are they hoping that support for Christopher Rollston will die out or that scholars and colleagues will lose interest and then Emmanuel can remove a tenured Professor without cause simply to satisfy the personal vendetta of a couple of ill … Continue reading

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Milligan Beware: A Marriage To Emmanuel Christian Seminary May Result in Muzzled Faculty

Bob Cargill notes Confirming two items that I’ve mentioned on this blog over the past month (here and here), Emmanuel Christian Seminary President, Dr. Michael Sweeney, confirmed via two separate emails sent to all Emmanuel students the following two items: Emmanuel is … Continue reading

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P. Kyle McCarter’s Letter In Support of Chris Rollston

From his personal web-page Public Letter re: Chris Rollston 11/13/2012 Emmanuel Christian Seminary wants to fire Chris Rollston.  This is not news.  It’s already known to readers of this list and other public and semi-public forums.  Still, it seems to … Continue reading

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Robert Cargill’s Call For Letters in Support of Christopher Rollston

I was out of town when Robert issued his call so I didn’t get to his post till now.  Here it is. I’d like to announce an open call for letters in support of Dr. Christopher Rollston, who Emmanuel Christian … Continue reading

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Naming a School ‘Christian’ Doesn’t Mean It’s So

Bob Cargill observes The scandal at Emmanuel Christian Seminary involving the attempt to (wrongfully) terminate Professor Chris Rollston appears to be much uglier and more mishandled than we first thought. Thomas Stark, who first broke much of this story on … Continue reading

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So for Emmanuel ‘Christian’ Seminary, Money is the Determinative Factor, Not Scholarship, Education, or Academic Integrity

Scholarship doesn’t matter – it appears – at Emmanuel, money does. The president of a Tennessee seminary told a tenured professor that his views were offending prospective students and possible donors and that he should look for work elsewhere. The … Continue reading

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Dr Robert Cargill’s Response to Emanuel’s Dr Blower’s Critique of Chris Rollston

On the previously mentioned essay (in comments) Cargill writes (extensively, and yet I’m compelled to replicate it all) Dr. Blowers, As an alum of, and former adjunct professor at a Restoration school (Pepperdine), and as a colleague of Dr. Rollston’s, … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Emmanuel Christian Seminary Concerning Christopher Rollston

To Whom it May Concern, I cannot, at the present moment in time, imagine why Christopher Rollston has come under fire from certain quarters simply because his views are intelligent, refined, dignified, honest, truthful, insightful, brilliant, and recognized around the … Continue reading

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