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While America Votes, Israel Grabs More Palestinian Land

Israel’s Housing Ministry published tenders for the construction of 1,285 new housing units in East Jerusalem and the West Bank city of Ariel on Tuesday, in what left-wing activists said was an attempt to avoid American criticism of the move … Continue reading

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Israel Announces Still More Immoral and Illegal Expansions

Commenting on today’s announcement by the Government of Israel on settlement advancement, the Foreign Secretary said:   “I condemn today’s news that the Government of Israel is advancing plans for 780 new settlement housing units, with an option of an additional … Continue reading

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When You See the Tide Turning Against You, Threaten: That’s The Israeli Government’s Method of Diplomacy

The Israeli Foreign Minister said Unilateral Palestinian moves will have dire consequences I wonder who in the world he could have in mind, don’t you? Avigdor Lieberman says Israel will not tolerate one-sided moves by PA, adds there is no … Continue reading

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Israel’s Quest for Lebensraum: 4000 More Illegal Housing Units in East Jerusalem

Matthew Kalman writes The Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has accused Israel of “a total disregard for Palestinian rights” after its Interior Ministry announced the approval for the construction of more than 4,000 housing units in East Jerusalem. The Interior … Continue reading

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Life in East Jerusalem: A Video Diary

The Guardian has given video cameras to 2 Israelis and 4 Palestinians living in East Jerusalem and asked them to chronicle their lives.  They’re must viewing.  Yes, must viewing.

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Israel’s Engagement in Ethnic Cleansing

Israel’s expansion of settlements in East Jerusalem and eviction of Palestinians from their homes there is a form of ethnic cleansing, a United Nations investigator said on Monday.  United States academic Richard Falk was speaking to the UN Human Rights … Continue reading

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Benjamin Netanyahu: The World’s Biggest Hypocrite

Bibi wants the world to ‘demand’ that Egypt’s new government (if and when there is one) keep its peace treaty with Israel intact.  What hypocrisy!  Israel has ignored UN mandate after UN mandate.  He has encouraged the expansion of settlements … Continue reading

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Once More, The Oppressed Become the Oppressors

Israel’s foreign minister on Sunday called for redrawing the country’s borders to exclude some Arab citizens, raising the explosive proposal just as new peace talks with the Palestinians struggle to get underway. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman also rejected the foundation … Continue reading

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