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More Political Dirtbaggery

Down in Georgia

A Georgia Republican who wants all welfare reciepients subject to drug tests failed one himself after he ran a red light on Friday morning. The Atlanta Journal Constiution has the story on State Rep. Kip Smith (R).    Smith is a sponsor of Georgia House Bill 464, which would “require random drug testing” for citizens on public assistance. In response to Smith’s legislation, State Rep. Scott Holcomb introduced a bill last month that would require all state lawmakers to be subject to random drug testing.

Another politician who behaves badly while insisting that others behave well or they can’t get public money.  I think politicians who are arrested for anything shouldn’t get taxpayer money either.

American Injustice Strikes Again

Lindsey Lohan, ordered to jail, has been released, of course.  After serving mere hours of a month sentence.

Lohan had been denied bail but the judge’s ruling was later overturned. Actress Lindsay Lohan has been freed, hours after a judge sent her to jail for failing a drugs test. The Mean Girls star was released late on Friday after posting $300,000 bail, a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesman said. Superior Court judge Elden Fox had denied her bail but his ruling was later overturned on appeal. It was Lohan’s third time in jail for a drink and drug driving case that dates back to 2007.

Nifty… She violated probation. It’s a no brainer. She should be in jail.  Worst of all is the constant defending of her ‘star treatment’ by people in the media who insist on asserting that everyone is treated the same way.  I beg to differ.  I know a number of people who have violated probation just once and been tossed into jail with bail revoked.  No one who has an eye to see can suggest with a straight face that entertainers aren’t treated differently in the United States.