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Michael Langlois on the Newly Digitized Dead Sea Scrolls

Michael writes

First impressions on the DSS Digital Library:

(1) New photographs of all plates, including color and IR! Resolution goes beyond 1200 dpi, which is great. Now we can look at individual letters, see the actual condition of the fragments, skin color and texture, … and sometimes bad shape. Hence the need for our beloved old PAM photographs:

(2) The PAM photographs are there! Better quality than on the microfiches or the Brill CD-ROMs. Not perfect though, the resulting resolution varies between 400 and 600 dpi. Upscaling does not help much since artifacts (due to JPEG compression) are visible. I suspect working on the scan files could help. Any chance there will be an option for direct download of PNG or TIFF files?

Conclusion: congrats to the IAA & Google team! My #1 wish is to be able to download the original files so that I can play with them 😉

Of course what he’s talking about is this.   You should add that link to your resources.

The Cambridge Digital Library Genizah Collection

This is an immensely useful research tool!

M. Shabb 16.1

At the moment, only a selection of manuscripts from the T-S ‘Glass’ series is online on this site, but eventually Cambridge Digital Library will present images and descriptions of all the Taylor-Schechter Collection, the Genizah items found in the Library’s Or. and Add. Collections, and the 7000 items in the Jacques Mosseri Genizah Collection.

Via the Genizah Research Unit on FB.

Updated Resources

The Post Reformation Digital Library has moved to its new URL and consequently I’ve had to update the links to the following resources- all of which you should check out.  Most useful indeed.

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