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It’s Just as Immoral, and Idiotic, and Historically Inaccurate For the Gays to Co-opt Jesus as it is the Politicians

So stop it.  Jesus wasn’t a Republican, or a Democrat, or a homosexual.  So just stop pretending that he was.  Bloody dilettantes.  Ignorant dimwits are always trying to co-opt Jesus for their own agenda. If it isn’t the far right or the far left it’s the homosexuals or the tinfoil hat wearing nutjobs. Stop it. Learn some history and shut up about things you CLEARLY don’t know anything about.

But because I know you won’t, this is for all those who insist on looking into the well of the Historical Jesus and seeing their own depraved contorted images:

Just When I Think It’s Impossible to Feel More Contempt for the Senate…

They manage to make me despise them even more!

The Senate on Thursday sidetracked rival plans to extend a Social Security payroll tax cut, in dueling votes that pave the way for negotiations on a compromise on a core component of President Obama’s jobs program.  First, Republicans defeated Obama’s plan to extend the payroll tax cut through the end of next year while also making it more generous for workers.  Minutes later, in a vote that exposed rare divisions among Senate Republicans, more than two dozen of the GOP’s 47 lawmakers also voted to kill an alternative plan backed by their powerful leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, to renew an existing 2 percentage point payroll tax cut.

Tax cuts for the lower and middle classes?  NO!  Tax cuts for the wealthy?  OH YES!  There’s no one in Washington who has the interests of the majority of American people in mind.  Which is why I won’t be voting for any of them.  I’ll be voting for Mickey Mouse as a write in candidate and I want my Representative in Congress and my Senators to know it.  And for President?  Mickey Mouse.

Now the only question remaining- what will Washington do next to make my disdain-level skyrocket again?

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Spineless Dems Strike Again

Joe Biden und Barack Obama in Springfield, Ill...

Mr hope and Mr change

Slowly, painfully and reluctantly, congressional Democrats are slogging their way toward acceptance of President Barack Obama’s tax cut compromise, which would let rich and poor Americans keep Bush-era tax cuts that were scheduled to expire this month. After Obama publicly defended the plan for a third day Wednesday, and Vice President Joe Biden met with Democratic lawmakers in the Capitol for a second day, several Democrats predicted the measure will pass, mainly because of extensive Republican support.

Hello, Democrats…. the only way it can pass is if you ‘people’ vote for it since at present you remain the majority party in Congress. The majority… heavens. No wonder nothing has been done for the last two years except kowtowing to the Republicans. When jellyfish rule…  At any rate the Dems obviously don’t have a real problem for the ‘deal’ or they could just vote against it.  Reluctant?  hardly.

A lame Congress is just what the voters of America deserve, since it’s the voters of America who keep sending the same incompetent dullards back to Washington. I do not know why.  I suppose it’s attributable to Divine Providence.  God wishes to punish us for our national immorality and so we have the very leaders who will be our ultimate destruction.  The ironic bit is that we are the ones electing them…  Well, you are if you vote for any of the politicians from the two major parties.  I haven’t voted for a Dem or a Repub in years and I can’t really figure out why people still do.

I Hope So, I Really Do…

Citizens registered as an Independent, Democra...

Not because I care anything about the Tea Party, because I don’t. But I honestly hope that each and every single incumbent in the country who’s running loses. I don’t mind if they’re defeated by the Green Party or the Tea Party or the Coffee Party or the Whale Party or the Chicken Eaters Party or the TV Party or even the Biblioblogging Party (and what a party that is). As long as every Democrat and every Republican and every Independent loses.

The stakes are high for Democratic Sen. Harry Reid and his GOP tea party-backed challenger, Sharron Angle, as they prepare to face off Thursday night in their one and only debate. The race, in which an unseasoned candidate is aiming to take down the Senate majority leader, is one of the most watched this election season. A poll released Thursday shows it’s tight — Angle leads Reid 47 percent to 45 percent, with 4 percent undecided. Angle’s lead is within the poll’s margin of error.

Could the fringe folk do worse than the feckless dimwits occupying office now? Could they possibly lie more or pander to big business more or submit to the will of lobbyists more? Could they possible do a worse job of running the country? No. How could they? The entire government from the county level to the US Congress (House and Senate) are run by self serving buffoons. They all, each and every single one of the spineless toadies, need to be booted out of office. And I hope they are.

All those people who complain about the ineptitude of the government and then continue to return to office the very people who have proven themselves inept, deserve exactly the ineptitude they’re served up.  Vote them out.  You’ve got nothing to lose but a sorry politician.