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That’s Taking ‘Toughen up Princess’ to a Whole New Level

When I complain about something my little Aussie friend Mark Stevens tells me, invariably, ‘toughen up princess’.  But teachers in Illinois have taken that sentiment to the extreme, ignoring a little kid injured in a fall when he complained of being hurt and telling him to get back to class.  The problem is, he had a broken leg and a concussion- so he had to crawl 300 feet…

Teachers in a suburban Chicago school may deserve a failing grade after they allegedly forced a kindergartner to crawl to his classroom across an icy playground — with a broken leg and a concussion, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.  Rahul Chandani‘s parents filed a lawsuit in Cook County District Court claiming their son didn’t receive any medical care after he fell and hit his head on an icy playground at Devonshire Elementary School in Skokie, Ill.  “His teacher told him, ‘You’re a big boy — I can’t carry you,'” the boy’s mother, Priya Chandani, told the newspaper. “She told him to walk back, but his leg was broken so he fell again and then had to crawl at least 200 to 300 feet back to the school building.”

Way to be heartless there teacher.  I sure hope the kid’s parents win their suit.