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Catholics, Communion, and the Pez Dispenser

This cracks me up!

Our Catholic friends are going to have to rewrite their liturgy and change it to ‘The Body of Christ, the Pez of Heaven…’  [Via JD Trevors on G+)

Rob Bell Proves Himself a Heretic yet Again

Mars Hill church must have lost all theological bearings and now wants to do the unthinkable. Seeing this latest jubilant tweet from Shane Hipps (Rob Bell’s co-pastor) :

Inviting Muslims to Communion is like asking Jews to a pork barbecue. Communion belongs to Christianity. It represents the Body of Christ, the belonging together of those who have faith in Him. If even Christians who are living out of fellowship with Christ are disinvited, what sense does it make to commune at the table with believers in another religion?

Rob Bell really is an incompetent theologian. Indeed, he is a pseudo-theologian, interested in nothing but making a name for himself. He understands absolutely nothing about the Christian faith and, apparently, neither do the people at his pseudo-church.

His isn’t an informed Christianity or a loving faith; his is a humanism devoid of theology.