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Wikipedia: Where a Climate Change Denier is the Chief Author of the ‘Hurricane Sandy’ Entry…

Ken Mampel, an unemployed, 56-year-old Floridian, is in large part the creator of the massive Hurricane Sandy Wikipedia page. He’s also the reason that, for nearly a week, the page had no mention of climate change.

Still think Wikipedia is just super awesome?

In an unpaid but frenzied fit of news consumption, editing, correction, aggregation, and citation, Mampel has established himself as by far the most active contributor to the Wikipedia page on Hurricane Sandy, with more than twice the number of edits as the next-most-active contributor at the time this article was written.  And Mampel made sure that the Hurricane Sandy article, for four days after the hurricane made landfall in New Jersey, had no mention of “global warming” or “climate change” whatsoever.

Wikipedia really is the refuge of the ignorant.  Still not convinced?

Late in the evening of November 1st, a new section appeared at the bottom of the Wikipedia page, titled “Connection to global warming.” It was the first mention of climate change the article had had, and laid out the response from climate scientists, mostly stating that climate scientists don’t really know if the hurricane was caused in part or whole by climate change. I emailed Ken, who goes by the name Kennvido on Wikipedia, to get a response, and he wrote back: “thanks deleted again and told them to go discuss Sandy on the global warming page.” I reloaded the page and confirmed: Ken had eliminated any discussion of climate change. A few minutes later, I reloaded and the section was back, only with a big block warning, telling me that “The neutrality of this article is disputed.” By 10:23, that warning read: “An editor has expressed a concern that this Section lends undue weight to certain ideas, incidents, controversies or matters relative to the article subject as a whole. Please help to create a more balanced presentation.”

By the morning of November 2nd, the section was gone again. The revision history shows an argument: “the existence of other views is solved by referencing them in RS, not deleting views one disagrees with,” says one contributor. Mampel continues to fight, and he’s not the only one: another user chimed in that the Hurricane Sandy page is “Not the place to push global warming when no evidence exists that this was a cause.” But by early afternoon, the article had a small paragraph in the “Meteorological history” section linking to a few articles that suggest a connection to global warming. Ken had been overruled.

Ok let’s be honest, if you aren’t convinced by now of the utter fecklessness of Wikipedia, you’re probably Ken Mempel.

Rick Perry is, Literally, an Idiot

Today 9:43 PM Perry Over His Head On Climate Change

Rick Perry just bought the farm on climate change. He came off as dangerously in over his head. He said that despite the fact that most credible scientists think that human activity has something to do with climate change, he was not convinced.

“Galileo was outnumbered for a spell!” he declared. He got the analogy exactly wrong. Galileo was the scientist; the church and its allies, who knew nothing about the scientific method, were lined up against him. He never answered the question about which scientists he had consulted. He suddenly looked like the guy Karl Rove says he is, “a guy who only cares about soundbites.”

And people will vote for him… because some people embrace ignorance.  Look how many times Texas has…

This Will Disappoint Many at the Creation Museum in Kentucky

A typical Senate desk

Image via Wikipedia

The [Tennessee] Senate sponsor of a bill to shield teachers from discipline for criticizing scientific theories has taken the proposal off notice for the year.  Republican Sen. Bo Watson of Hixson told the Chattanooga Times Free Press he will wait until next year to push the bill that opponents have characterized as an attack on teaching about areas like evolution or climate change.  Watson, who holds an undergraduate degree in biology, said he will continue discussions about his “Academic Freedom Act” with teachers and university faculty.

How long before the Creation Museum revokes his lifetime pass?

When the Water Reaches your Neck… Kiribati

Parliament House, Kiribati


NPR reported this morning on a tiny chain of Pacific Islands where of a population of 90,000, there are a mere 23 people who aren’t affiliated with a church.   Yes, you read that right, 23 out of a population of 90,000.  And those religious people are taking God’s promise to Noah that he won’t destroy the world by flood again literally and seriously- so rising sea levels are laughed off by most.

One problem, tiny island nation- even if you do take Genesis quite literally do note that Noah is promised (Gen 9:15)

‘I will remember my covenant that is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh. And the waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh’.

Note- ‘all flesh’ -‬ כָּל־בָּשָֽׂר׃. If Kiribati were the whole world there might be reason to grab hold of that verse- but since ‘all flesh’ doesn’t live there, the exegesis of the people there suggesting that God won’t allow the island to flood is simply wrong.

Perhaps the 90,000 believers there (minus the 23 pagans) should consult an exegete rather than bury their heads in the sand.

Probing the Secrets of the Dead Sea

Dead Sea at Dusk 2005. Taken by Nick Fraser.

In spite of the fact that it’s a science-y story, I found this report quite interesting.

From a barge floating above the deepest point on earth, a research team hopes to drill through half a million years of history to uncover secrets of climate change and natural disasters.  Boring into the bed of the Dead Sea, the group of engineers and scientists began extracting layers of the earth’s core on Sunday, and will continue for about two months until they reach a depth of 1,200 meters below sea level.  “The sediments of the Dead Sea are the best climate and earthquake recorders for the entire Middle East,” said project head Zvi Ben-Avraham of the Israel Academy of Sciences, standing at the water’s desert shore, which is already about 420 meters below sea level.

Fascinating.  Read the rest.  Maybe while they’re down there they’ll find Sodom and Gomorrah and Collins can give up his Quixotic Quest.